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i luv wolfgang gartner, thats one of my fav songs from him, berry nice

also, how do i reply to multiple people in one post??


@Qianta, you can just @ them:

You can also quote the posts you’re replying to.


Insert shitpost





caca poo poo pee pee


Wake and bake…
Awake and cake
Cake is fake
I made a fake
Born from hate
Infinity is eight
Her name was Kate
Now lives beyond the gate
A diatribe is to late
As the moon consumates
To be woke and date
The fruits of fate

Tl:dr Peter parker torn between mj and gwen stacy however in the Sony movies mj survives Gwen’s scenario but in the comics its gwen in the scenario and gwen doesnt survive, but gwen replaces mj in the Andrew Garfield reboot which dissapointingly doesnt feature the cat garfield from the garfield comics which is like watching garfield without garfield

So the Moral of the story never go outside and leave your easy bake oven on so that barbie can spend time with Ken, so that they can listen to aqua…and watch Jason statham a professional diver dance with his shirt off in a music video from the 90’s a time period which is on the precipice of being 30 years ago…


I really wanted to start a thread in the side room but it didn’t let me.

Why is this not an option in the drop down? Am I not active enough?


The last three letters of that link are eww


why am I watching this, fucking ew


I was gonna start a what r u cooking thread but idmf ain’t instagram,

I post shit and shit post too much I’m out, bye, see you in 10 minutes


Guys, I got a cold yesterday and the temperature was 39, I almost went nuts. I didn’t want to do anything! But today it seems that the temperature has dropped and everything is ok.


Diversity is essential to happiness.


It is said that the Chinese had a saying, “May you have an interesting life”. I have read that it was meant as a curse. I suppose it is a case of how you interpret the sentence. I, for one, would find a life where every day was the same and predictable, dull and boring.


Chips in burger sauce. Thats all the world needs.


Its “May you live in interesting times” I think.


Lost in translation…idiomatic expressions…


Might be. Thats why I’m not slamming down, I’d google it but I’m watching Clone Wars atm :smiley:


My Marshall Kilburn speaker was a birthday present from earlier this year. It committed suicide a while back. Broke my heart right down the middle. But now I know it was all a ploy. It knew that the Kilburn II was better, and so it sacrificed itself in an honorable death to provide me a half birthday present. Somehow, my dear bluetooth speaker (rest in peace) knew they’d send me series II as a replacement instead of the series I. Bless that rambunctious little rascal. Bless.


Also, anyone ever do an MRI and get absolutely enthralled with the rhythmic beeps and thumps? Intriguing robotic alien techno. MRI ASMR?

10/10 I would do again. #ASMRI


I’ve had a few CAT scans a sleep-deprived EEG in which they tried to trigger a seizure with a strobe light.

The CAT scan all I remember is it was just the most impersonal, mechanical hum I ever heard inside that thing. The EEG I saw black and white checkerboards turn into circles and then get sucked down a black and white checker black hole. I haven’t played games with checkerboard boards since.


10 years ago: Ramen, u?