The Off-Topic Thread



This place is dead here this week!

Whats all my forum homies been up to?


Summer, sweating, music, and bbq


today I am 40 days sober from alcohol.


EDIT:My bad, I read that wrong the first time, thought you were saying 40 years and I called BS.

Congrats dude, I hope you unleash your full self and stuff.


That would be like he never touched the stuff, totally un-american

Congratulations though.


A hamburger, is tomorrows beefcake, but srsly isn’t beefcake just salty meatloaf, it goes well with beets if you sautee them, beefcake with beets is winning combo…in all srslyness if ask me



My friend, I think you have been reading too many of the H P Lovecraft books.


There is no such thing as too much Lovecraft.


love craft is that like a game like starcraft

Cuz I have cheat codes

Try this
X X ○ 》/ X ○ /\ 》《 ○ ○ □ □《


How the hell did I never think about that… HmMMmm. Interesting!


This is a little (free to download) Windows program I made last year which lets you play calm noises, when you want to focus your mind on something and not listen to music.
I created calm “celestial noise” sounds with a synthesizer and I also include recordings of ocean waves as well.

How it works is by pressing the button (labelled A - G), and by sliding it on the slider to reach a new button. Each button plays a new sound.


Thank you, I will see if it works.



the line from u2’s with or without you “a sleight of hand and a twist of fate” sounds like a setup to a dirty joke…lol


Too much music producer memes on instagram

very fun
you should see it if you haven’t seen

Also too sad Wolfgang Gartner my newest discovery in music don’t release much. And in general he doesn’t have many songs


Lol heard instagram is purging the meme pages…those music producer memes are kinda funny


What? He has like 10,000 singles and EP’s. You’re looking in the wrong section

He’s still my top guilty plez for complextro shit


thanks for the new artist recommendation from what im listening to right now i very much enjoy it

its very danceable, but i cant dance… ermergawd teh feels of not being able to dance lawl