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ey wassup foos!




Had a dream about earth’s half life


You guys excited about mueller talking in public about the investigation? I just looked at the trailer I’m excited about this new season


Might have a few dragons.


I found zombie Jesus staring at me through the brick at a bar the other night.


it’s the “Investigation of a citizen above suspicion”


Posting angry, divisive politcal statements while drunk was just stupid of me, so I deleted it. Sorry. It’s hard for me to even think about US politics these days without going nuts.


Politics is like eating at McDonalds and getting a big mac with special sauce, but the sauce isnt really sauce its just recycled grease, the beef patty is some sort of mystery meat like substance, and the cheese is really just some biodegradable digestable plastic, but you still eat there because for $10 a meal its fancy living


Nothing new and honestly the Democrat party has painted themselves in a corner of delusion

The Democrat majority house can move to impeach (the reason being for nothing) and it will be rejected by the Republican majority senate,

The far out left party base wants Nancy (house speaker) to impeach but Nancy knows it will bite the party in the ass when it comes to moderate normal people in purple states.

It is actually turning out in the Republican parties favor, and Trump’s overall.

Thank you deepstate for another 4 years of Trump =)



For anyone who doesn’t understand what the deep state is… Here is the left’s HERO Mueller (the same guy who brought you the Mueller report) TESTIFYING that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. The reason of the invasion of Iraq. Click the link if you want to learn the truth.

This guy is a tool of the deep state. He works for the deep state. The same deep state that is trying to kick Trump out of office.


someone should make an idmf forums


I started learning Russian last night on that Duolingo app. It’s not as easy to speak it as much as read it, Cyrillic has some interesting quirks such as 33 letters in the alphabet instead of 26. Some 2 or 3 word phrases we have are just one word in Russian. I only know a bit of German from way back in high school, so this is kinda fun. i didn;t want to learn the basic languages everyone else learns like Spanish or French, wanted to go outside the box and maybe someday i’ll hit up Russia like a boss, it’s cheap to travel there.


nice! well done tovarich.
it only took me 3 months to be able to speak braille.
but only my deaf dog understands me.
in other news

You know you want one!


I think smartphones secretly collect.user data to give recommendations because I have a bunch of physical therapy videos, and psychosocial dissertations in regards to the latest ideological social fads in my yt recommendations, wtf…although the physical therapy vids are super useful


this made me laugh


Idmf releases are on amazon…


Interesting, looks like it’s all original artists putting them up themselves at a glance, which they are within their rights to do because we don’t retain exclusive publishing rights or anything AFAIK. I didn’t know it was happening, but cool.


Yeah, I wrote about it in the release thread: IDMf052 -Metaside - Kallisti