The Off-Topic Thread


Lentils. Fuck 'em.


Dude no matter how long I soak those fuckers I can never get then to cook in a stew right. Whether two days in a Crock-Pot, or on the stove, fuck them. Amen.

Not like they taste remarkable, either


What are you cooking?


I may have just arrived in Portland with the misses.



Sometimes when I’m bored I like to read yelp reviews of fast food restaurants.

Shit is cash.

I need a new hobby.





lol, I’m not all about that japanese junk, but I do have 3 versions of Waters of Nazareth on my iphone and an artist named Sega…


hasa diga eebowai


Y is the sky blue…
Cuz it’s made of pasta

And pasta = diffraction of light particles of the electromagnetic chemical composition of the atmosphere reflecting upon the minerals in teh ocean