The Off-Topic Thread


Dude no matter how long I soak those fuckers I can never get then to cook in a stew right. Whether two days in a Crock-Pot, or on the stove, fuck them. Amen.

Not like they taste remarkable, either


What are you cooking?


I may have just arrived in Portland with the misses.



Sometimes when I’m bored I like to read yelp reviews of fast food restaurants.

Shit is cash.

I need a new hobby.





lol, I’m not all about that japanese junk, but I do have 3 versions of Waters of Nazareth on my iphone and an artist named Sega…


hasa diga eebowai


Y is the sky blue…
Cuz it’s made of pasta

And pasta = diffraction of light particles of the electromagnetic chemical composition of the atmosphere reflecting upon the minerals in teh ocean


My wife nearly fell for a phone scam. They called, she ANSWERED (never do that unless it’s a known number or they leave a message) and proceeded to say they were the Social Security Office, rattle off the fact that someone rented a car in her name, drove to the border of the US and Mexico and somehow abandoned the car with 3 pounds of rowdy powder in it. Then, they said other stuff about money laundering, some other shit I didn’t catch and said that to cooperate, she had to move her money to a ‘safety’ account that they had the credentials to access…they told her to head to the closest pharmacy store to do this. She actually got in her fucking car, scared as hell and drove some of the way there before it dawned on her THIS MOTHERFUCKER HAD AN INDIAN ACCENT. I was next to her before she ran out the door, I started thinking why the fuck is she hauling ass out of here to do this shit? They had badge numbers and all sorts of bullshit names like Julian and Brent.

I left to go follow her because it sounded fuckin fishy as fuck, and sure enough she was already headed back to the house. She said that it had dawned on her and she said something about it being really weird to the guy and that he had gotten all angry and started saying shit about freezing her bank accounts and calling the FBI. So due diligence, we called the cops and no warrants or anything, called the bank and no weird charges, looked up all the names given and nothing checked out. HAH. I told her that as soon as I heard that Indian accent it would have been fuck you scammer and then hang the fuck up.


Watch what you say they can record your voice…


Holy fuck boys…been weed sober for some months now and I just found about two grams of still-sticky generic hydro in drawer I get into all the time.

Ive had a couple vodka pomegranates and a four tugs on the pipe and I am fucking half way to mars yo.


Im other news personal ancedotal evidence indicates a correlation between weed use and Manic Panic use.


The Spice Must Flow!


I used to receive so many spam mail from foreign/chinese companies on my work email, I loved them so much

Re: There must will be the one mini car jump starter liked by you

Glad to know you.

This is Guangzhou Autolion, a leading manufacturer of car jump starter and car electronics with 200+ workers, 7 production lines and 8 engineers.

For car jump starter power bank, we have capacity from 8000mah to 36000mah, 12v and 24v available. You can add the professional smart cables and air pump to every model if you want.

In addition, OEM and ODM are pieces of cake for our factory.
To know more details, contact us.

Best regards,


mind you, my job had nothing to do with cars


How’d you like your trip to the Store or still here?


is that how you call the us? The Store


Lol…fucking auto correct. It was typed the States…


you never called