The Off-Topic Thread


do you remember jones back in like 08-11?- when he broke into bohemian grove and the coffins in the middle of nowhere just sitting by fema?


dj oxygen doesn’t die… dj 0xygen never dies…

he will be there. he may not be known. he will be back.


this actually is 100% verified by an outside party/accomplice.
In the book “They” by Ron Jonson this Bohemian Grove experience is actually written about in great detail. the veracity of the experience is always subject to “the reader’s objectivity” but it seemed pretty accurate when paired with Alex Jones’ own video “proof”

extra trivia credit
Ron Jonson is also responsible for the screenplay that became “Men Who Stare At Goats”
He’s an actual reporter who did research into these “weird conspiracy thingies”


yessir :slight_smile:


Yes! Jon Ronsons book “THEM - Adventures with extremists” is absolutely great! Crazy smart guy and highly recommended!


even as I typed it, I commented to myself “I got his name wrong, again.”
It always happens. :stuck_out_tongue:
but honestly…fuck his parents for giving him such a name.


Happened to me before, too ^^


Driving yesterday and a half-hour documentary about Aphex Twin came on the radio out of nowhere. While puzzling, it made a welcome change.



Lol I had to replay the transition a few times. “Is he actually the same guy?” Nice skills on the chalkboard too.


Had a shitpost thought and almost posted said shitpost thought but this site is better off without such shitpost hijinks unlike what happened in the discord chat a few hours ago so…yea oly shit


Wait what the F did I miss ? See ya…gotta go to Discord now…

Edit - didn’t see anything or are we talking about the award winning Sex Life video someone posted earlier? That dude should be famous.


How have I forgotten the Off Topic Thread?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!! What have I been doing with my life?!?!?!?!


also: you guys see this?


We remember Oxy!!!


You’ve been pooping. If you say that you haven’t, you’re lying.


Dang it!! I just got comfy and got lost in reading the Far Side… what year is it now!!!


eh fuck it, time for 4PM coffee.


i call that breakfast.


the off topic thread is like an AA meeting but for IDMf people who forgot how to be on topic

myself included