The Off-Topic Thread


My wife watches that one show where they pop pimples. i can’t watch that shit. Popping fruit or some silly food item sure but no stuff with blood and pus. Nasty dirty ewwy


It’s so satisfying to see that cottage cheese come out by the gallon though!



Oooohhh yeaaah, baby.



thanks relic and all the mods for allowing me to post!!! am really glad i can :smile:



Whatever happened to the how do music thread? I think I have a breakthrough lol.


An idmf version of a dating app, lol


Going by the logs, the system automatically silenced you for posting too much as a ‘new user’.

Jeff Dunham would have been proud.


lol I love you oxy I’m glad you’re back



Excuse me, Mr. Filter. I wish engage in forum antics which do not require me to enunciate my feelings to a degree that which benefit from wordy, lengthy discussion on such subject matter. please forgive the conciseness of my previous, initial statement.


I really need to stop using wordpad for impromptu notes and tasks. I have like 20 of them all over my desktop and charting these into a kanban is the most miserable hour of my life.

Happy friday homies :slight_smile:


Anybody know whatever happened to @parricide? COME BACK TO US MY SQUIRE


When a Koala is young it eats pap a special type of poop made by its parents…


When a media personality admits that they did very bad things in the past…and the world goes round, well at least they owned up to their actions…and I’m not talking bout r kelly


so not donald trump?

oops crosspost, srry


Shes a musician two sides to erry coin



I’m not really into pop music, but this is actually a really cool read.