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Oh weird, yeah that IS Benicar. Same shit I take.

No alcohol? One weird side affect I noticed is almost zero hangover. I’d say some anxiety and irritability while adjusting I had too… not too psycho though.


Well not “no alcohol”… just cut back on it. I have been, but Fridays and Saturdays, it’s usually a 6 pack and a pint each night.


Yea, can’t say why, but I’ve defo heard that blood pressure meds and too much alcohol are supposed to be a big no-no. I don’t know if this is the reason, but my body who had a stroke basically can’t get drunk easily because of the meds he takes (blood pressure being one). Like seriously could take a 1/5th to the face and not be phased.

I think booze might also raise your blood pressure?


I know booze will thin your blood out, making it harder to form scabs if you cut your self/ higher chance of bleeding out


I took Enalipril for a few years for my kidneys and hated it. I was constantly lethargic and ended up with low blood pressure and reducing my dose like 4 times before finally just quitting. Thankfully, lifestyle change in the form of better diet and more exercise was enough for me. Doesn’t hurt that I don’t drink either. I did pee better than I ever have with those though…


Wind chimes, how do YOU feel about them?

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Need a courtesy post in the electro thread, so I can continue spamming it with more electro propaganda. k thanks


@Sencesor did the software literally block you? If so I can look at max post settings in the software. You can PM me about it or @ me here.


When you’re so stoned you walk through your kitchen as your mother in law is washing a dish and think to yourself “Is she drumming on a bongo drum?”


The tv told me “LOBSTER FEST IS ON!!!”


Alex Jones on Joe Rogan again… can’t believe he came back. This is good entertainment to listen to while working today. Hahaha.




“this site uses cookies” is a cool band name or song


@relic I love pimple popping videos


Guilty pleasure of mine…lol


Lolgarden, rage against a maschine

I have an idea for a movie, dante alighieris divine comedy + it’s always sunny in philadelphia,
starring liam Neeson Ben Affleck jlo Christian bale and Gwyneth Paltrow