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I think the politics thread became Felecia lol


You go girl, fly Felecia… be free!


Friday is a good movie






My neighbors have really weird looking dogs in their back yard all of the time


Dont talk to them, their eyes will start glowing red and satan will start making dubious suggestions.


who would ever pay 150$ for an untuned woodblock


Wash boarding is a kinda music


Also spoons.


Wind Chimes. Does anyone like them?

Oh, should I make a poll of that?

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  • Nay

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I have to make 30 posts till I can create Listening Booth threads, it’s good to be committed.

This forum software seems very nice indeed! I remember the old IDMf. :sunglasses:


another great way to spend 150€


On constant snow removal on my day off…


Zygadenus is his artist name. Vulpes was his user name.


My POS snow “blower” in action and next to a mountain of snow that will most likely last from now until July


I started taking blood pressure meds last Tuesday, I was developing hypertension and they said my right aortic ventricle was slightly enlarged due to the pressure. But these meds, holy shit do they do a number on my anxiety. Tremors, dizziness, disorientation. I get uncontrollable sweats and I’ve sorta snapped at two people in the 9 days since starting them, which leads me to believe that they cause irritability. i’ve been instructed to take them at night instead of in the morning. I’ve never really had much in the way of anxiety, at least not this pronounced before.


Oof. That’s rough. I’ve had all sorts of fucked up side effects from some. I’m on my fifth right now. Which ones did they give you? I’m currently on benicar/HTZ and it’s been really fucking awesome, just some occasional dizziness if standing up too fast during the first week.

If they put you on a beta-blocker, my condolences I can’t handle those fucking things. One pill gave me insomnia for like 4 days.


Talk to your doctor about red rice yeast and coenzyme Q10 as an alternative. My dad switched to this combo from some other cholesterol and/or hypertension meds because they increased his back pain. If he calls you a fucking hippie, see another doctor. My dad NEEDS these meds and he switched over and received the same benefits as the big pharma meds.


It’s a once daily 12mg of Olmesartan Medoxomil, which from what I’ve read has some side effects but nothing that would seem alarming…I went to the doc earlier and aside from my anxiety, my blood pressure is down 20% just in 9 days so I guess that’s good. They warned against alcohol too, too much of it (of course). Hopefully it settles off and i start feeling normal again.