The Movie Thread

I like horror and then I saw a trailer on YT “Longlegs” (2024). I thought it would be a good movie. Then I saw who was on the cast list and Nicolas Cage was starring there. In short, I will not watch this movie. I don’t like this actor at all.

This movie apparently has a tv series coming out in a couple days.

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when this movie came out, i saw it available to rent on VHS, but it was PG-13 and i was too young. By the time i was oldcenough, it disappeared from the shelves and it was forgotten and unwatched.
Finally came across a copy of it. Watchingbit now.
Also picked up the original Dungeons and Dragons to keep the theme for the evening.

A Quiet Place - Day One
Not exactly life-changing but good fun. Jut switch your brain off when it becomes too absurd. The reals stars are the 2 cats they used for the movie. The whole time I’m thinking about my Siamese and how dead we’d instantly be, since meowing (a lot) is one of her favorite pastimes.

Fun movie, especially as I’ve been to almost all the film’s locations. Pretty cool recreation of 1985. Pearl remains the best one of the trilogy though.


Day One was more a cat movie than anything… and that made me love it!

Loved the theme of dealing with end of life/death too. Thought the main actor was fantastic. I enjoyed it overall but yeah, not oscar material or anything. Love the QP storyline!


I want to watch these movies.

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