The Movie Thread


I re-watched the 2001-2007 Tobey Maguire Spiderman trilogy this week. It held up really well, and I thought 1 and 2 were good movies while number 3 was passable but not great.

I definitely have rose-tinted nostalgia glasses when it comes to these Spiderman movies (my mom pulled me out of school and we played hooky to go and see the first one, first time I did something like that), but I think these movies held up much better than something like an Avengers or a Dr. Strange is going to (in fact I’d comfortably rank 1/2 as some of the best superhero movies full stop). I think there’s too many great lines/characters/scenes that have seeped into wider pop culture/internet memedom to say there’s nothing here.


I cannot agree more. You go to the theatre and the trailers are all the same shit over and over. That and the action movies like Jason Statham’s the Beekeeper which is the stupidest of the stupid. The guy’s been doing the exact same movie again and again and again for the last 20 years and people still pay to watch that crap. They probably don’t even know that he was an actor once.


Omfg saving silverman…

Funny as fuck…

Also blows any red pill advice out of the water…fucking lol.


He was a diver…and danced in a music video shirtless back when he had hair…


Lock, stock & two smoking barrels is already 25 years old… What a movie that was.


As a balding person…jason statham is an icon for bald culture



Five Nights at Freddy’s (2023)

]( is awesome. This film is on par with Evil Dead Rise (2023). Two best horrors movies of 2023; Also Megan (2023) is not bad. Also Brooklyn 45 is worth watching



Real good movie


I saw it a few months ago and personally felt like it could have been 45 minutes shorter by trimming some fat off the front end mostly. Not that none of that stuff needed to be covered, but they took their sweet time getting through it all.