The Movie Thread



I liked it.


My only gripe with this movie is that the characters/victims are spectacularly dumb. Then again, I tend to forget that there are a LOT of spectacularly dumb people in real life.


Clearly done on a tiny budget but shows what great actors can do with a fun script.


Wakanda forever…out november 11th in the us.

Henry cavill future as superman is looking more possible.

Superhero stuff…idk anymore.

Eh…cant beat em join em.


Jason momoa should be lobo…instead of aquaman

Like do lobo and brainiac in cavills superman 2

Aquaman could of be played be someone else


Sweet girl with jason momoa on netflix…
Good movie.


Last movie I watched was Inception. Honestly it was pretty good!


Black panther 2…

Mbaku is my favorite character…

Angela bassett should have been storm from the xmen…

But she is a good queen…


Bad moms movie is funny…

Was surprised i didnt think it would be.


John tucker must die
Theres something about mary
Tropic thunder
The Other Guys
10 things i hate about you
Dinner for Schmucks
Ace ventura 1
Dumb and Dumber 1
Shallow hal
Pootie tang

Crime movies:
City of god
Reindeer Games
Den of thieves
Inside man

Spiderman 1 raimi…because of Jk simmons
Dr. Strange multiverse of madness
Black panther
Wakanda forever
Iron man 3
Xmen 1 & 2
Man of Steel

Other movies
Macbeth fassbender
Black hawk down
Three kings
Black swan
The Cell (90s)
Gone girl
Fear and loathing in las vegas
Everything everywhere all at once.


It’s a slightly older movie (2018), but has anybody seen Gaspar Noe’s Climax? I watched it last November or December along with a bunch of other stuff I’d been meaning to catch up on (Neon Demon suuuuucks, if anybody cares), and it was my favorite of the bunch.

Picked up the bluray and gave it a rewatch last week, and I still thought it was great. Definitely not a movie for everyone, and one of the more extreme things I own in terms of sheer anxiety and mean-spiritedness (and I got some weird crap) but I recommend it for anybody who can handle that stuff. It’s a total nightmare. It goes on just a bit too long towards the end once the shock value has worn off.

Good 90’s electronic soundtrack, too!

Anyway, yeah, I think it’s awesome.

Also Mad God if you haven’t seen it yet. What a visual feast. So happy that came out on disc.


I watched Climax 2018 . It is french movie. I liked it a lot.
Mad God movie i didn’t watched that.


The creators of south park…

The movie orgasmo.