The Movie Thread


Late reply here but, whatever….

I’m not typically a huge comic book film fan but I absolutely loved Joker. I thought Phoenix did such a great job capturing that character, making you understand who he was and his motivations. Hell, I even felt for the character in the end. And not to mention DeNiro. So good to see him back playing a serious role like that… Like icing on the cake. Stellar film all around IMHO.


I know joaquin is a good actor…and im not denying that he did a good job…but something about the joker movie just didnt sit right with me.


Thor 4…

I wish it where darker like doc strange 2…

But i am disappointed.

Too looney tunesy

It was lacking…

The end was good…

Dont mix tragedy with comedy…stick to one or the other.


The Gray Man. You know its new because they spelled it different from, you know, older stuff.

A few good one-liners. But not that many.

Once again covering up actors that can’t really do the action scenes with fast editing. And since most of it is action well, there’s a lot of that. I thought Jupiter Ascending was the nadir of that style but nope, looks like the Russo bros accepted that challenge.

Nobody to care about so the action means nothing.

Chris Evans is fun but mostly because he plays every Chris Evans character you’ve seen before but cos its not for Disney he’s allowed to be a bit naughty. Just a bit though. He might want to work for Disney again.


I watched a few movies this week.

Dr. Strange 2 was OK, but I mean that in the sense that I didn’t actively dislike it, but I also only enjoyed about 4 seconds of it (couldn’t tell you which 4 seconds either). I think I’ve said this before, but I’m played out on the marvel movies, even more so than I realized. I thought I would still want to see spiderman and the new thor after this. Now I will get to Thor when I get to it, but only because it has the Guardians of the Galaxy in there, and Spiderman I’m going to pass on.

Oh, Dr. Strange, my problem was that I lost the plot once during the movie and couldn’t get back on the horse for longer than I care to admit. And if I was that lost, I’ll let you guess how often my parents had to pause the movie so I could explain something to them. Not the finest cinematic experience.

Came up in conversation the other day, so I wanted to watch Kill Bill again. Got through vol. 1 tonight. I hadn’t really appreciated my OLED tv because I’ve been playing videogames on it with the occasional youtube while I eat since I got the thing. So Kill Bill turned out the be the first movie I watched on there and I was really able to appreciate a lot of little details that I never paid attention to in movies before. It was fun, looking forward to part 2… sometime. Not tonight, it’s bedtime here now.


Any good? This being a Finnish movie, it should be crazy enough



Totally did not expect it to be as good as it was. I wouldn’t call it a classic but its nicely done and a lot of fun. There are a few Arnie callbacks but they are kept quite low key, though one totally is not. I’m amazed the actor could keep a straight face :smiley:

Continuity-wise it completely ignores the AvP films but then so does everyone else so hey ho. It directly references only the first 2 Pred films that I could tell.


Yes it is. You can definitely watch it once. (if you like horror)


Absolutely. Sounds good, I’ll check it!


I also watched this movie. I liked everything very much. But what I didn’t like was that the girl was too young. And it’s somehow unbelievable that she killed a predator.