The Movie Thread


The batman

Good movie but its way too long…

Why nirvanas something in the way was used as a film score idk, an instrumental cover of the song ok it fits, but the actual cobain singing the song didnt fit imo…

It had a plot. A well written plot. But still the movie could be shorter.


The Adam Project:

Guff. It relies completely on quips from start to finish. That said… good quips. I chortled and snortled all the way through. The mini Deadpool reference towards the end cracked me up.


Barry keoghan as the joker is up on youtube.


“The Rental” - Boring assholes get killed for no reason after one hour of nothingness.

You know it’s bad when neither Alison Brie nor Jeremy Allen White can partially redeem this turd.


Matrix 4: The Sense8 Cast Reunion Where They Wish They Didn’t So Desperately Need A Pay-cheque.

Jessica Henwick, good as Colleen Wing in Iron Fist (one of the few good things in that) terrible here, which surprised me. Shows the difference a script can make.
Yeh the script. Ok then…
Its bad. Imagine you’re shitting out a hedgehog with adamantium spikes but don’t have Wolverine’s healing ability then stretch it out it in bullet time for two and a half hours. So thats about 10 days or more. Most of the better lines are references to original lines from the first Matrix film. This would be ok except the rest of the lines are pretty terrible and for the calbacks to be cool you need good scripting that stands on its own. Nearly 2 hours in there are 2 good lines in a row that are greatly executed and all they do is highlight how bad the rest of it is. Its very cringey when they show Larry Fishburne because again all it does is highlight how poor the substitute teacher is. Poor bugger never stood a chance - Yahya Abdul-Mateen II was good in Aquaman. Here, its like a masterclass in showing that you can’t replace great with chiselled looks.
Some of the FX are actually pretty ropey. This surprised me.
Lol at Jada Pinket Smith’s old person makeup. You don’t have to be married to her for her to be intense and threatening. What in the world was going on with her top lip. I just wanted to peel that shit off.

I laughed like a drain when Lambert Wilson showed up. I could not understand 90% of what he was ranting but it was just great to see him there. I was rather waiting for him to say “I was an actor once…”

Also fuck that robot flying budgie. Seriously just fuck it. NO that should not be a thing. I know its not a budgie or even remotely budgie-like but just fuck fuck fuck it. It was badly executed CGI that should not have had a heroic contribution to the climax. It fluttered around a bit then was suddenly performing one of the most important plot points of this film without any reasonable buildup to it doing what it did. Trying to avoid spoilers but did I mention fuck fuck fuck it?

I did like seeing the Sense8 people again if nothing else because most of them were fun in Sense8 and I like to see sci-fi guys getting more work. If it was a better film it would have been great fun just counting how many of them are in here. But it isn’t so it wasn’t. All I felt was, “I’m so sorry you needed the work.”

When we were veering drunkenly towards the climax I had no idea what was going on because the logic was so strained it wasn’t logic any more. It was just words in a row to vaguely justify booms and bangs and Jedi Master Neo Wicks doing his thing. There was a genuinely great thing in the climax activities but it would be a spoiler to say. Credit where its due though. That said, if you want to do high concept stuff you need first of all a reasonably logical concept then the ability to deliver it in a lucid fashion. Nope and nope. So much nope its nope on a rope that hung this film.

Imma stop writing now and go play a computer game.


I haven’t watched the new Matrix but Keanu Reeves is a great actor. I need to watch a movie


Just watched this movie


Thor 4.


What do you feel thor for? Panth chafing?

(Sorry, had to :smiley: )


That ith not funny im bein therious wtf ith thith comedy muthic forumth…



Everything everwhere all at once…

Best movie ive seen in a long time.


So looking forward to seeing that.


I agree with this wholeheartedly. Saw it a few weeks back myself. Best film I’ve seen since Interstellar, which is my favorite film so that would be super difficult to beat.


I’m going to watch a series about the Mandalorian when I accidentally saw an ad.


The Batman:

Er… Ok. Lots of components that in theory should be great but somehow aren’t. Its ok. Its not terrible. If you shortened most of the emo stares you could probably shave a good 20 minutes off the film. Robert Pattinson was good in the batsuit but looked hilariously emo out of it.

Worst score since Robocop 2 and that’s a bar that is hard to achieve. Michael Giacchino is a talented chap but that sucked monkeyballs and got really grating really fast.


I agree something was in the way.


Btw Mandalorian is great movie. I watched 2 seasons.


Lady gaga is being talked to about playing harley quinn in a sequel to jaoquin phoenixs joker…

And its gonna be a musical…

I hated that joker movie…and they are gonna make a sequel that is a musical…



Doc Strange in the Multicashcow of Madness

lol mess but still quite fun.

The cameo from Bruce Campbell is a great shout-out to The Evil Dead.


Morbius: As bad as expected but still trashy fun. Matt Smith is great. No shock there. Some of the bullet-time in fights is nicely used and the dark cloud FX as Morbius is zipping around are quite nice.