The Movie Thread


I liked Rebels and also enjoyed some stuff in the prequel and sequel trilogies (I confess, I enjoyed the ending in IX, but maybe just because it was all over finally? Not completely sure tbh lol), but it’s all mixed in with so much strange decisions and often leaves the feeling that it wasn’t really thought through, just thrown together based on some checklist…
Sooo my general recommendation would be to just read the old Thrawn trilogy or some Old Republic comics by Dark Horse or play KoTOR 1+2 instead…


Oh yeah, +1 for that. THAT is what they should have made for the new trilogy.


Black Widow is super cool movie bro.The scene where the four of them are sitting at the table deserves an Oscar.


Rumour is that’s where Bad Batch might be taking us. Nerds went mental at the end of S1 joining up the dots :smiley:


Oh damn, guess now I have to get interested in Bad Batch. Thought I could skip that lol…


I liked this movie.

I don’t like damsels in distress.