The Movie Thread


Brightburn…I genuinely feel sorry for the characters…couldn’t finish it…because of feels.


i’ve gotta assume they tried and he said no. he’s looking for the 50th reboot when tim burtons doing them again


Looking forward to cool 2021 films this year. LUL


Predator prequel in the pipeline. It involves Comanches.
It will be a trainwreck :rofl:

ScarJo suing Disney for breach of contract, that’s interesting.


Female protagonist, full first nations cast. I think it’s going to be awesome. We’ve wanted Predator in a new setting for a long time, and there’s some great talent behind this one. I have a friend close in the industry who’s read some early drafts of the script and it’s pretty legit from what I gather.

edit - after “The Predator” the bar is beyond low, as well. :'D


Smells of virtue signalling with Disney ‘guidance’ and prolly shitting all over the timeline as presented in all the films to date. I hope you’re right. I’m just not expecting it.


The director did 10 Cloverfield Lane which was sweet, maybe there’s hope.


suicide squad 2

a starfish

an alien starfish…really

idirs elba plays will smith the other version
john cena is like the anti batman batman

margot robbie eh…

sly stallone is a fat shark

suicide squad 2 total meh.


I had such high hopes for the Predator…


I’m guessing from that you’ve only seen Watchmen movie and not read the source :wink:


Suicide squad 2 and jungle cruise 2021
Both nice movies ! I recommend them you to watch


I need to watch Suicide Squad and Deadpool 2 so bad

I watched Batman V Superman and then Justice League Whedon Cut because we can watch it without paying hbo money and I enjoyed Batman v Superman more than I thought I would but I have one quibble. Has Metropolis Literally been across the river from Gotham this whole time? Wtf? How? Like you can take a ferry from Gotham and in 2 minutes you’re in Metropolis? i just dont know about that, it just seems all too convenient and kinda silly when you think about it. I mean I dont live in a city right next to another city across a river, i know its realistic but it just seems odd that they are that close together. comics, oh you.

Whedon’s cut of Justice League wasnt terrible but it felt kinda stupid in parts, and some of the jokes were dopey. Jason Momoa was a good choice for Aquaman though and his ogre like silliness was entertaining, he’s just too fuckin cool for anything man.


I feel like an imbecile for saying this, but I just want to see Suicide Sqaud for the walking shark dude. My mom has an irrational fear of sharks, and the idea of a land shark is about the most horrifying thing for her. So yeah, I just want to see a land shark on the big screen, that’s it.

Other than that, still don’t feel safe in a theater, so I haven’t been to the movies since last february. I miss the theater, but haven’t wanted to see much besides suicide squad anyways.

Been working on my home gaming setup and it’s just about done games-wise, so the next step is going to be to update my TV and get a receiver and some speakers. Not going to go crazy surround sound, but I want to get a nice pair of studio monitors or something to handle sound. My TV is from like 2010 and only has 3 inputs for my … I want to say 10 consoles or so at this point. I have a couple of switches, but it’s just gotten crazy, time to just buy a receiver I can have everything on one input so I don’t need a list of which TV input gets which consoles from which switch. And 4K would be nice. And something larger than 30 inches. $500 TVs blow my mind these days, so probably not going to go crazy on that front.


/slight detour from movies/

My console collection is still mostly state-side. I sort of miss it, but I have a few things here. Mostly I end up playing on retro-pi or retroarch on my laptop. It is not quite the same, but oh the convenience.

Movie-wise I have not been to a theater since Starwars Episode 6. No idea when that was. I consume mostly on Netflix et al. Most recent better-than-it-should-be movie: Frankenhooker. So bad, it is good. Kind of like Darkstar, but with hookers.



Rubbish. Avoid.

John David Washington is like a drama student getting his first gig. Big letdown after Tenet.



Kate (Netflix):

Just under 2 hours of Mary Eliazabeth Winstead auditioning to be Ellen Ripley.

Based on this she’d be pretty good :smiley:

But the film itself is a bit meh. Like Crank and tonne of other 24-hours-to-get-revenge stuff. If they do a sequel good luck with beating the tag line to Crank 2 :smiley:


Black Widow

Better than the haters would have you think. Uneven as fuck but some good bits and generally fun. Ray Winston embarrasses himself.


Forget the films you think you need to see and see this instead. You’re welcome.


Right, so I guess after watching the Mandalorian and loving it, I’m checking out more recent Star Wars stuff.

I decided to start with The Phantom Menace, since if I liked it there’s two sequels. Well…I was starting to enjoy it, then the Jar Jar Binks character came on and oh my jesus, all the jokes people made when this movie was new are true: this is the most annoying character I’ve seen in a movie. period. I tried to stomach his screen presence but after like 10 minutes I thought um. No. I’d rather have a live wolverine in my pants than watch this movie.

So I went with Rogue One as Relic suggested, and yeah. It’s pretty good. I’d give it like a 7 or 8/10 because I feel like it kind of sags in the middle. That’s just my first impression. This is def my favorite Gareth Edwards movie, course it wasn’t hard to top Monsters (which barely had monsters) and Godzilla (2014) (which barely had godzilla)

Any other recent Star Wars worth checking out? Can I just skip The Phantom Menace and move onto Episode II without missing too much?


Skip anything where Kathleen Kennedy had a strong say in stuff. I like a lot of Star Wars but of the films the only actual great films were the original and Empire. They are enjoyable popcorn sci fi after that but most are some variation on let-down. Rogue One is a bit of an exception and is very good but canon-wise its a bit of filler rather than taking us somewhere new.

In the prequels the world building is great. Everything else not so much. In the sequel trilogy, Force Awakens is fun but not breaking new ground it being pretty much a rehash of what’s gone before. Last Jedi is a well polished turd that is beyond dire. When you join up the logic of what Ruin Johnson did you get to a point where anything in Star Wars could never have existed if you follow it through. Don’t get me started on dropping bombs in space…

Rise of Skywalker is a mess mostly because they were trying to fix what Ruin Johnson did in Last Jedi and they never quite climbed out of it. Some of the sequences are fun. The ending is pretty bad.

Mandolorian great.

Clone Wars and Rebels start out very ropey and get great as they get darker. Thrawn turns up in Rebels and is a hoot, as are the Inquisitors. Both series introduce some great bad guys and have some wonderful spin on some of the well known ones, especially ol’ Sidious in Clone Wars.

Bad Batch has some ropey episodes as it finds its feet but is generally good fun. Starts dark and gets darker somehow despite its theoretical target audience. It also ends on some nerdy squee stuff if you know your non-canon lore. Filoni does not miss a chance to throw in the Easter eggs.