The Movie Thread


If you like Bond et al, definitely check out the Kingsman movies.


Loved the first one. Second one didn’t really do it for me.


Aye, first Kingsman is great. Also one of the best themes ever. I fell in love with Henry Jackman for this. Nailed the hero movie style of music.

Second, not so much. I do feel Julianne Moore nailed her part even though she took a lot of flak for it. Suzie Homemaker on Destroy-The-World acid. They also should have just left someone dead. What they did with Roxy was as bad as the choice regarding Hicks and Newt in Alien 3. You can regard it as brave if you love the people who made that choice but basically it was stupid.

First film was death-to-tropes, second just said it was ok to do the tropes. I’m looking forward to the prequel mostly because the cast are on my A-List nerdy.


I can feel you on the 2nd being not as good as the first…but I am generally not terribly critical of films, so when people bring up (perfectly valid) points like you just did, I think: Man, I need to pay better attention. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, and this is not a movie, but to illustrate my ability to be gleefully ignorant of even fairly glaring issues in media, the missus and I are watching Swamp Thing on Prime and half way into the first episode she goes “now I know what pisses me off! None of them have Louisiana accents!” She is not wrong. I wonder how long I would have taken to really have noticed on my own. :smiley:


Haha I’m probably as bad at regional US accents as a lot of people are with regional British accents, I would never have noticed prolly unless someone showed me a Louisiana denizen side by side with someone else.

Hap And Leanord swamp noir was in Louisiana wasn’t it? Loved that programme so much.


Not sure on that Hap thing, i will have to check it out. the really embarrassing thing about Swamp Thing is that I am American, and I have been to Louisiana, so I aught to have picked up on that right away. I guess my willing suspension of disbelief is a strong force indeed.


Swamp Thing is on my to-do list, as is a lot of the non-CW DC stuff like Doom Patrol and Pennyworth, when I can get them without having to sub to yet another effing streaming service :smiley:

Going back to movies, started to re–re-re-re-(etc)-watch Aliens the other day, didn’t quite get around to finishing it. Love that film.


I would be interested in your take on the later installments of that series. I was not mature enough to appreciate the first 3 when they came out, but I love them now. The last 2 were cool, but they did not leave me wanting to watch them again real soon.

Also, they need to bring out an Alien vs Judge Dredd movie. I would watch that.


Rumors of black superman (kalel) movie…ppl are mad cause they want restoration of the snyderverse…

I’m liek why not both.


Its an interesting situation. WB want to do Snyderverse but the company that owns WB just wants to put out DC content as they are in the business of making money. So just like in Lucasfilm we have a couple of factions snarling and fighting with each other and ultimately the viewer gets poorer quality content because of it.


I just watched The Gentlemen, 2019 and The Little Things, 2021 .

The first was directed by Guy Ritchie, and the second features singer Jared Leto.