The Movie Thread


I’m having trouble getting through The Dig. It’s been paused on my Continue Watching list for, like, two weeks now.


Its not exactly a summer blockbuster actionfest, that’s for sure :smiley:


The dig: I died towards the end and quit for good. I’m not much an action movie person and the rhythm was too fast and frantic for me.


I started watching Red Woods (2021) but quit at a half. I want to watch some horror.


I thinking Robocop is very cool. Music is awesome. I’m talking about old film (1987).


@st3aLth the original Robocop is an old favorite of mine.

Recently we watched The Little Things and Judas and The Black Messiah and we enjoyed both. The Little Things is a slooow burn and the ending is interesting. Judas and the Black Messiah really loses steam in the last 1/3 but is good and tells an important story.


I’m reliably informed Comsic Sin is terrible. I MUST SEE THIS WORK OF ART :smiley:


Justice league…finally talk of the anti life equation and we see darkseid.

Hey idc how gay dc marvel nerddom is as an adult… it’s infinitely better than being a political blowhard.


Rewatching Wonder Woman ahead of the sequel arriving on blu ray tomorrow. Love that film.

I know what I’m letting myself in for with the sequel as it has not had great reviews but I’m looking forward to the popcorn terribleness nonetheless.


That theme song!!!


On the subject of theme tunes, nothing will ever beat the Rametep Chant from Young Sherlock Holmes:


Wonder Woman 1984:

No way to wash it, this is not a good film. There is a huge amount of irrelevent fluff and the usual ropey CGI from DC’s art department. I liked the core story but there’s so much weaving around getting on with it. You could probably edit out half an hour or more and still have the story intact, possibly even make it a better film.

They completely lose it in places e.g. the jet thing. Really, he can suddenly fly a jet? Too much logic-breaking twaddle throughout.

Great cameo during the closing credits though.


Been rocking an outdoor projector at home for a few months now. I actually made a bit of coin selling songs to a company making a cell phone bowling game that I used to fund the (cheap) projector. It’s cool to be able to have a few people over and watch films outside being as inside is a no-go these days. Hadn’t had people over for films in years actually until the pandemic pushed us all outdoors.

It’s been super fun having a home theater thing going on. Currently using two UE Hyperbooms as a stereo pair for sound. Got one for Christmas and the other for my birthday. The sound is what I love most about the overall experience. They just sound absolutely stunning. I’m sure there are better speakers out there but they really do bring it on both the loudness and clarity fronts.

Next Friday we are going to be watching Heat, one of my all time favorite heist films.


Mortal Kombat 2021 you should watch it!

  • A really, really weird, but really really good and really, really psychedelic movie is Mandy. I watched in on Shrooms the second time around, unveils an entire new dimension to the movie, which I’m quite certain was fully intended by the writer/director.

  • I’m a lover of Sci-Fi, and one of my favourite Sci-Fi series has to be Battlestar Galactic. Such a deep story, and so well made! “So say we all!”



Still magnificent. If you can’t stay off your phone for 30 secs then you’re not going to understand why.

Did nerdy jizz at mechanical keyboards but that’s almost a sidenote :smiley:


xXx: The Return of Xander Overcompensatingforbeinggayeventhoughitsokshouldreallyjustgowithit

Terrible, awful film. After 3 days of seriously intense workstuff it was perfect. I giggled a lot at it, but some of the laughs were intentional. Some of it was xXx-The-Next-Level cringe.

Great cameo near the end and weirdly Ruby Rose had most of the best lines despite a dodgy accent and was still a lot of fun.

Shame they were trying to turn it into the Fast And Formula family thing but given how low the bar for the rest of the film was, this wasn’t much further into the quicksand.

If you’re in the mood for stupid, this should definitely be on your go-to list. If there’s a danger your braincells might rub together, then avoid.


Yeah, kind of a shame because I legitimately like the original from way back when. Maybe it’s mostly nostalgia. But I remember pretty much nothing of the new one. Or the Ice Cube one.


Aye, it was a bit of a piss-take out of the James Bond type of films and had a lot of giggles in that vein while still being an over-the-top actioner. Now its become a caricature of itself and trying to take itself too seriously, undermining the undermining :smiley:


Yeah, but thinking about it a bit, I grew up on a healthy mixture of punk/rock/metal and country, my parents put the down payment on our house by selling a muscle car they’d built, my dad did the whole long-hair thing, I’d help him pick out skull-themed jewelry for my mom. So a movie where the good guy goes to metal clubs and drives a muscle car and gets the goth (?) girl was pretty much going to be an instant win for me.

I do really dig the James Bond stuff (and the competing franchises) just because they make a great time capsule. Like, they always use the hottest cars of the day, some of the best actors, the most exotic perceived locations, the highest fashion. It’s really cool to see what actually was considered the hotness in the 90s rather than our modern recollection of it.