The Movie Thread


Tangent: I only like Leo dicaprio in certain movies.

Dont get me wrong he’s a good actor I liked him in the beach the movie about a commune the supposedly found nirvana on an isolated island in thailand…but i didnt like him in romeo and juliet…

At first glance Leo for me personally, he isnt my type of guy…so

But still he is a good actor. And he was picked as un ambassador so. Idk.

On topic.
The only thing I liked about romeo and juliet the 1997 version was their take on mercutio and john leguizamo’s character.


I remember for some reason fucking loving this movie growing up, and I rewatched it as an adult… my god… it didn’t age well. I totally forgot the last half is just what you said, like peter pan. IIRC it also got a PG-13 rating and definitely had a wholesome “family adventure” vibe there on the end… really terrible haha.


Tales from the hood.

Sounds interesting will watch. Cheers.


Latest Mando still very good and confirms a reference to an old Star Wars video game that’s been hinted at before. Love that Filoni and Favreau do this nerdy shit :smiley:



Books of Blood (2020)

Awesome new horror movie


What men want.
What women want.




Jolly good hokum, nice variation on the time-travel theme. Or will it be? Ermagerd. Slightly undermined by the root reasons for people doing what they’re doing being a bit tenuous. Lots of ‘splainin’ so everyone gets what’s going on but didn’t quite go into snorzilla territory. A lot of people turn up with important jobs to do and we have no idea where they suddenly came out of the woodwork from. Bit much of that really. A SUPER-SECRET CONSPIRICY THAT WE HAVE TO RESTRICT TO A FEW KEY PLAYERS… and yet it seems everyone and their dog is in on it :smiley:

Yeh, hokum. But jolly good fun.


When I heard inverted entropy i was like oh lawd. Cause physics and science with spy stuff.

Tenet was amazing.

Chris nolan is my new favorite director.


Fatman. Not I was expecting, a little slow to get going, but it’s not a fast paced movie at any rate. Still I enjoyed it, and a definite change from the norm.


Thought it was about george Orwell 1984.
Wasnt disappointed had Lynda carter.
And the invisible jet.


Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse

Not re-watched this since I first got it on blu-ray but got around to it today. Christ its good. Tremendous animation, great story, great characters. Doesn’t hurt that its also very funny at times.


The Owners, 2020 - nice movie.

I watched some other horror movies, but I don’t remember the name.


I’m a bit behind but I only recently saw the trailer for this. It looks proper terrible. I MUST SEE IT! :rofl:

Based on the Russian comic, Major Grom: Plague Doctor


By the way i never watch russian movies . They sucks ass. True.


Occasionally one or so will get on my radar. Guardians is a good example. Terrible terrible film. Loved every minute.


The king with Tim chalalalaala something french…good movie…the badass thing is the king fights alongside his army…and even goes mano to mano to spare his army and the other army.


haha. The plague doctor doesn’t look half as good as Darkman


Class Action Park is a documentary about a notoriously dangerous amusement park. I enjoyed it more than just about anything I’ve seen recently.


Mark Hamill was chucky


The Dig:


Space Sweepers:

Lol awful. Think of it as Batshit Expanse with all kinds of nope. Loved it.