The Movie Thread


Tangent: I only like Leo dicaprio in certain movies.

Dont get me wrong he’s a good actor I liked him in the beach the movie about a commune the supposedly found nirvana on an isolated island in thailand…but i didnt like him in romeo and juliet…

At first glance Leo for me personally, he isnt my type of guy…so

But still he is a good actor. And he was picked as un ambassador so. Idk.

On topic.
The only thing I liked about romeo and juliet the 1997 version was their take on mercutio and john leguizamo’s character.


I remember for some reason fucking loving this movie growing up, and I rewatched it as an adult… my god… it didn’t age well. I totally forgot the last half is just what you said, like peter pan. IIRC it also got a PG-13 rating and definitely had a wholesome “family adventure” vibe there on the end… really terrible haha.


Tales from the hood.

Sounds interesting will watch. Cheers.


Latest Mando still very good and confirms a reference to an old Star Wars video game that’s been hinted at before. Love that Filoni and Favreau do this nerdy shit :smiley:



Books of Blood (2020)

Awesome new horror movie


What men want.
What women want.




Jolly good hokum, nice variation on the time-travel theme. Or will it be? Ermagerd. Slightly undermined by the root reasons for people doing what they’re doing being a bit tenuous. Lots of ‘splainin’ so everyone gets what’s going on but didn’t quite go into snorzilla territory. A lot of people turn up with important jobs to do and we have no idea where they suddenly came out of the woodwork from. Bit much of that really. A SUPER-SECRET CONSPIRICY THAT WE HAVE TO RESTRICT TO A FEW KEY PLAYERS… and yet it seems everyone and their dog is in on it :smiley:

Yeh, hokum. But jolly good fun.


When I heard inverted entropy i was like oh lawd. Cause physics and science with spy stuff.

Tenet was amazing.

Chris nolan is my new favorite director.


Fatman. Not I was expecting, a little slow to get going, but it’s not a fast paced movie at any rate. Still I enjoyed it, and a definite change from the norm.


Thought it was about george Orwell 1984.
Wasnt disappointed had Lynda carter.
And the invisible jet.


Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse

Not re-watched this since I first got it on blu-ray but got around to it today. Christ its good. Tremendous animation, great story, great characters. Doesn’t hurt that its also very funny at times.


The Owners, 2020 - nice movie.

I watched some other horror movies, but I don’t remember the name.


I’m a bit behind but I only recently saw the trailer for this. It looks proper terrible. I MUST SEE IT! :rofl:

Based on the Russian comic, Major Grom: Plague Doctor


By the way i never watch russian movies . They sucks ass. True.


Occasionally one or so will get on my radar. Guardians is a good example. Terrible terrible film. Loved every minute.