The Movie Thread


Norbit…that movie makes me wanna vomit…cause Eddie murphy in a fat suit…
Nutty professor I can tolerate…but Norbit…just a big fat pile of Nope.


Dune trailer looks spiffing:


There is gonna be a deadpool 3…
Idk what theyll do…but hey they got a lot of internet shitposts as source material to work with…


Idk about dune but I’m wondering if they are gonna follow the book series and include the whole Duncan idaho (the real kwisatz haderach) butlerian jihad…and the great war with a.i. to the human diaspora to prevent extinction.

At least that’s what I know from the sparknotes…


The thing about The Wailing is that it expects us to know all of the mythology. I had no idea what happened until I watched a video on youtube that explained things that I’d never heard of.


Dr sleep is such a great movie.



First time in a while I’ve re-watched it but I’d forgotten just how much of a giggle Deadpool is. All 10 mutant thumbs way way up. Ordinary story delivered with much excellence and many great lines.


Anybody ever see Boys Dont Cry with Hilary Swank. Is it good?


Nope. :smiley::smiley:


Knives Out:

Fun, decent whodunnit.

Still not forgiving Ruin Johnson for The Last Jedi shitfest :stuck_out_tongue: