The Movie Thread


Any film by Andrei Tarkovsky
Turbo Kid
Welcome to the Dollhouse
Where the Buffalo Roam


Fuckin’ love that movie. Pretty underground gem, at least here in the states.

I have the book its based on by Irvine Welsh, same author as Trainspotting. Pretty hard to read, it’s like trying to digest a Scottish accent in writing. There’s a certain charm to that, all things considered XD


I’ve read a bunch of his books. His books are criminally underrepresented in the movie world. I’d like to see one made of Glue or Marabou Stork Nightmares although the latter wouldn’t have that much appeal in the US since there’s so much about fitba in it. Filth is probably my favorite book of his. It would have been funny if they’d left in the tapeworm subplot but I can see why they cut it.

Trainspotting 2 was kind of shitty though


The movie? Or was there a book of that?

I honestly couldn’t finish the movie, I made it about halfway and got a little shnockered enough to say fuck it. It just wasn’t the same vibe at all - regardless of the cast age. The writing is what felt aged the most.

I just started that one up this year! I need to get deeper in, I have to take his books pretty slow. haha.

good taste my friend! :beers:



Terrible film. Loved it from start to finish. Just laughed and laughed and laughed.


The Old Guard:

Fucking tremendous. Loved it. Not perfect and if you go looking as usual there’s stuff to crit. Charlize Theron is a great action hero. I need to re-re-re-watch Atomic Blonde again.


^Just talked to somebody about that at work not fifteen min ago. Not a TV show dude…still need to finish Dark Crystal.

Ha, I came in here to post for the first time in a million years. Last thing I watched was:

Alita is awesome, dammit. It’s got everything: Great setting, good diverse cast, strong female lead without it being in your face, lovely little romance (I swear, people have forgotten what it’s like to be in love), nice father figure, and cyborgs beating the crap out of each other.

Plus, it’s a great adaptation of the source material. Wonderful attention to detail. Hadn’t seen it since it was first released, but I got the bluray last year and hadn’t watched it yet. Shame there won’t be any more, but I’ve read the comic…it starts to suck hard and still isn’t finished yet. Gave up years ago. I know where it goes. I’m more than satisfied with this film adaptation.

I also watched Fury Road, fuck me, that movie rules.

Also, slowly making my way through the Shinya Tsukamoto box set. A friend tipped me off on it. I didn’t even know it existed. Those movies were one of the reasons why I wanted to buy an all region player, but I can put that off for now (I want Martyrs, Absentia, and The Loved Ones on disc, though…). That set has The Adventures of Electric Rod Boy (old 8mm film). Still fuxking love that guys movies.

Hard to watch stuff lately working two jobs, moving, and still trying to socialize…and avoiding covid crap).


Honestly that whole trilogy is worth watching lol, pretty damn hilarious.


The Uwe Boll one or the newer one that looks even worse? I think the Boll one was the one that had a trilogy IIRC


It was this one:

Didn’t even know there’d been more Boll tragic cinema with the same name :smiley:


MIB International:

Lots of lols, few for the right reason but fuckit there’s some great bits in it.

“For science AND FUN!” nearly spat out my drink. The binary bad guys are great.

Plotwise boil your brain and send it out of the room while you watch this. If you can’t figure out what’s really going on in the first few mins you are already dead and being sold as fresh(ish) meat somewhere.

As usual hard to get into detail without spoilers and fuck that because you have the rest of the internet if you want to do that.

Nothing but love for what Danny Elfman did and it makes me chuckle that anyone following knows that’s where the bar is.


I’ll sit down now to watch this movie