The Movie Thread


The only good Planet of the Apes movie is the very original one with Gun Advocate Heston. Some of the original sequels have some merit but aren’t great. Nothing but love for Roddie McDowell. The only reason I am grateful for Ape films is because they gave Alan Ladd Jr. the will to take on some upstart Lucas when he was touting his Star Wars thing because they’d unexpectedly made money from them, after everyone else had turned Lucas down.

Tim Burton’s effort was a highly polished turd and the recent(ish) trilogy has great CGI/motion capture but is meh at best.


I just got Shudder and I’ve been watching that a lot lately. Pretty happy with it since, while it does have shitty horror movies, many of them are the Cult/B-movie type of horror movies from the 80’s/70’s. Which are the best kind of shitty horror movies.

The Hills Have Eyes - The 1977 original. A family unfortunate enough to break down in the desert is attacked by a group of mutants savages silly desert hillbillies. The remake is almost identical to this original, but there a few sequences in the remake that make it a superior movie. That and the monster effects/makeup are just silly in the original. Which is more creepy? This

or this

Yes, I realize the original didn’t have the same budget as the remake, but there a lot of low-budget horror movies from the 70’s which had great monster makeup/FX. Texas Chainsaw comes to mind immediately. Anyway, I don’t regret watching the original but I’ll stick with the remake. 6/10

Q The Winged Serpent - 1982 movie about a flying monster attacking NYC. Another low-budget one. This one has decent monster effects–if you like stop motion–but the biggest problem is that the monster isn’t in enough scenes. It almost is, if it had had even 3-5 more mins of screen time I’d be more positive about it. Also the plot sags a bit in the middle. It’s not godawful but it’s not very good either. 5/10

Wolfcop - 2014 movie about an alcoholic cop who’s turned into a werewolf. Cheesy fun B-movie. Made in Canada. Good stuff. 7/10

Brain Damage - 1988 Horror or maybe Horror-comedy about a man who is infected with a parasite that rewards him with pleasurable hallucinations in return for his homicidal requests. I think it’s a great concept for a film. But something about it felt missing. It’s hard to describe. Still good though. 7/10

Street Trash - 1987 Horror B-movie about a liquor store owner who unwittingly sells toxic booze to people, mostly homeless ones. The booze causes people to melt in a colorfully grotesque manner. There’s other unpleasant stuff in this movie too. The plot is thin however. This movie’s treatment of homeless people is pretty unsympathetic but it doesn’t seem like it’s taking itself too seriously so it’s forgivable. If you came to watch people melt in a movie, you came to the right place! 6/10

I also watched The Excorcist Again…do I really need to say it’s a 10/10?


I still have my original copy of this with the VIPER liquor stickers that it came with.

That movie is filthy as hell, it literally makes you feel like you just survived a homeless experience in a scrapyard. For that, I rate it pretty high - and also people melting and getting flushed down toilets was pretty creatively hilarious for that era. Good b-flick, for sure. :slight_smile:

@moodorf given your movie selection I HIGHLY recommend that you watch “Father’s Day” if you haven’t already seen it… (not the old comedy film, the grindhouse one)


Looks like the Snyder cut of Justice League is happening. It will be mediocre.

The best DC-based movies had nothing to do with him. Man of Steel is probably his best and thats pretty good but not brilliant.

Despite what I’ve written above I’m still interested to see it. It would be nice to be dead wrong.


Beneath the Planet of the Apes, the second one, is also excellent in my opinion. The mutants with mental powers wearing masks are creepy, General Ursus played by James Gregory is fantastic. “The only good human, is a DEAD human!” Zaius, Cornelius, and Zira all return as does Chuck and Nova. James Franciscus was cool as the new guy trying to find out what’s going on. And the ending is classic 70s pessimism.

“You bloody baassssstard!”


Well I ran out of luck and watched The Meg.

Some laughs for sure but jeebs, a bad film. Some very fun touches though like instead of ‘The End’, it finishes on ‘Fin’. It just meh’d the shit out of me but in fairness I’m not even a fan of the genre so part of it is my lack of enthusiasm for that kind of thing.