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Sounds like an issue with device recognition. I’ve had strange resets of things lately, sometimes on first boot.


Session 9 - David Caruso stars in a low-budget horror movie about a group of hazmat guys removing asbestos from an old asylum where–shockingly–spooky things happen. It has a decent final 20 minutes but nothing too special otherwise…actually, I’m wrong. It has one special thing: one of the funniest fuck you 's I’ve ever heard in a movie


Insidious Chapter 2 - What a shame, the first Inisidious is one of my favorite PG13 horror movies ever…a good horror movie in general. It’s sequel however is awful. Doesn’t build up tension/atmosphere, too many jump scares, and huuuge plot holes. I barely even want to give a mini plot synopsis since it’s not worth it. Ghosts blah blah blah child with gift to see the dead blah blah blah cliche cliche cliche there’s my plot synopsis. 4/10

Resolution - A man visits his drug-addled friend in a remote dilapidated cabin/house thing in the backwoods to try to convince him to get clean. Also some spooky stuff starts to happen at the end. I went into this expecting horror, but it’s really more of a gritty substance abuse drama with half-baked elements of horror thrown in there. The acting is good at least. 6/10

The Others - Yeah, I just got around to seeing this one. A mom and her photosensitive kids begin experiencing–yes, I’m using this word again–spooooky stuff in their mansion. Nice atmosphere, kind of gothic, ending was cool. 7/10

May - Best of the bunch by far. It’s about an lonely young lady who works at a veternary clinic. She’s very shy and very odd. I don’t want to give too much of the plot away, but tonally the movie starts out almost like some quirky dramedy but progresses into horror. Very odd movie and that’s how I like 'em 9/10


Speaking of spooooky shit, I just marathoned The Blackwell Ghost 1-4. Highly recommended for those who like super low-budget ‘found footage’ thrills that break the fourth wall all the time.


Spenser Confidential.

Pretty bad but good fun at the same time. Feels more like a pilot for a TV series than a stand-alone film based on the original TV series.



Shot caller…a prison movie with Jamie lannister…that was a messed up movie…surprisingly good…



I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately (for obvious reasons) so strap yourselves in because I got a lot this time.

Last Shift - 2014 Horror movie about a rookie cop in a police station that’s cursed with a demonic presence. Good premise, yeah? Too bad the movie sucks. It’s one of those movies that doesn’t know what it wants to be…and it wants to take you along for the ride. 4/10

Pulse - 2001 J-horror about ghosts entering our world through the internet. Cerebral movie with some genuine J-horror creepiness. Poses interesting questions about our relationship with technology and how it affects society. 7/10

Intruder - 1989 slasher film featuring a killer picking off workers in a grocery store after their shift. Great for what it is, gruesome gore effects (in the version I saw on amazon prime anyway) and features Ted and Sam Raimi with a brief cameo at the end by Bruce “The Legend” Campbell. Underrated. 7/10

The Lighthouse - 2019…uh…horror? just plain ol’ weird? movie with William Dafoe and Robert Pattinson. Two lighthouse workers tend to a lighthouse in the 1890’s with messed up consequences. Shot in B&W which is a bold choice these days, but it works for this movie. Great acting from Dafoe as a salty sea captain (Yarrr!) turned lighthouse keeper and Pattinson’s pretty good too. Memorable if a bit hard to classify. Wouldn’t want to watch it with your parents. 8/10

Dead Snow 2 - 2014 Horror Comedy which is far better than the original because it takes itself far less seriously. It’s about nazi zombies who start out pursuing the protagonist from the previous movie. It just goes from there, picking up the exact moment the previous movie left off. It’s in english this time too. Not exactly scary but filled with gore and genuine laughs. 8/10

What we do in the Shadows - 2014 horror comedy about vampires living in modern-day New Zealand. Surprised I hadn’t seen this one sooner, since it’s relatively well known. Some good laughs in here as well as some gore but not as much as Dead Snow 2. You could watch this one with your girlfriend/wife…y’know. If she’s cool. 8/10

eXistenZ - 1999 Cronenberg movie–the man is a genre, I swear–about a game programmer who is pursued by bad men in a freaky future where video games are fleshy bits of technology you connect to biologically. The plot can be a bit surreal but c’mon it’s Cronenberg, what do you expect? Not among his best movies but still totally worth watching. 7/10

The Dead Zone - 1983 Sci-Fi movie about a man who gains psychic abilities after a traumatic event. Probably the most straightforward Cronenberg movie that can still be called “weird” by some people. Normal people would like this movie more than the people who like his weird stuff. Christoper Walker stars. 7/10

Blood Father - 2016 Crime Drama starring Mel Gibson. Gibson’s daughter gets involved with some drug dealers/gangsters and it’s up to him to protect her. Decent Crime Drama with Gibson giving a good performance as a former alcoholic and ex-con. 7/10

Good Time - 2017 Crime Drama starring Robert Pattinson. Pattinson was good in The Lighthouse so I gave this one a try. Oops. Pattinson is a bank robber/all around scumbag whose mentally-challenged brother is arrested after a failed robbery attempt by the two. Yes, you read that right: the shithead brought his poor mentally-handicapped brother along for a bank robbery. It gets worse from there, there are huuuuuuuuuuge plot holes and deus ex machinas in this movie. In fact, they drive the plot along. The characters in this movie are really dumb, in an implausible way that had me shaking my head. It almost falls into the “it’s so good it’s bad” category except that it takes itself very seriously. I’m generous when I give it a…5/10.

If you read all that then congratulations, you have my respect and thanks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Can I go outside yet?


I love this flick. I remember it being super weird as a kid when it came out. Not the best film overall, considering films like The Matrix also came out in 99’, but I liked it. It has that Cronenberg grossness to it. Good cast, also.


This movie is super fucking hilarious. Cult classic dark humor all over.


i wanna watch a vampire movie anyone have any recommendations?

Ive seen the dracula’s from th 80’s on
ive seen dusk till dawn
ive seen the buffy vamp movie…
dracula untold…

basically im just looking for any hidden gems that i may have missed…


Stake Land
Near Dark
What We Do in the Shadows (horror-comedy)
Lost Boys
Fright Night
Let Me In/Let the Right one In
The Transfiguration (this one’s the most disturbing of all of these)

I don’t really watch a lot of vampire movies


Unpopular opinion but I actually really enjoyed Daybreakers. Cool vampire take.

Also “The Strain” - is an excellent vampire series. Not a movie, but, one of my favorites.

Interview with the Vampire is a classic, also.


Daybreakers i never saw…

the strain…eh
IwA I saw…already


Right so I just watched the trailer for a sharknado…
It’s literally like as if they scrubbed the entire internet for shitposts and decided to make an entire movie out of it…

And now I’m like I’ve had enough internet for as long as I live.


I saw that, nice straight-forward parabole with a touch of gore. It looked like it could have been adapted from a novel, something written by ray bradbury nodding at stephen king.


Here’s some more capsule reviews, yay

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) - Brilliant sci-fi movie about conflict/tensions between a group of humans and a group of intelligent apes. Oh and the movie is set in a post-apocalyptic America where a virus has wiped out 99% of humanity.


…moving on,

the film is great at exploring the fragile nature of peace between two populations who don’t trust each other. It’s also very good at creating these layered characters who are neither all good or all bad, and having these characters influence how their group approaches situations. It’s realistic with historical precedents abound. Great acting all around by the humans and the ape’s CGI is quite good. 9/10

War for the Planet of the Apes (2017) - Another sci-fi movie about humans and intelligent apes locked in conflict. But this one’s shitty. First off,

SPOILERS, sort of

there isn’t much of a war in this movie. It’s more focused on a prison/pow/concentration camp for intelligent apes. Secondly, those layered characters are gone. 99% of the characters in this movie are either good or bad with no in-between. Woody Harrelson’s character is the most cliched, one-dimensional movie villian I’ve ever seen. After he opens his mouth for more than 30-45 seconds you know exactly what his character’s all about and can predict how the rest of the movie will go. 4/10

Edge of Tomorrow (2014) - Tom Cruise stars as a military officer forced to relive the same 24 hours repeatedly (a la groundhog day) in a fight to defeat hostile aliens taking over earth. This movie’s alright but…this movie needed more violence. It’s really annoying to see aliens vs humans battle scene on a huge scale with not a drop of blood spilled because it’s PG-13. I want BLOOOOODDDDD!!! 7/10

Source Code (2011) - Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a man forced to relive the same 8 minutes repeatedly (a la groundhog day) in a fight to catch a terrorist bomber. This is how you do a time-travelling PG-13 thriller. Somehow this movie feels less repetitive than EOT despite repeating a fraction of the amount of time the above movie does. Also, rather than creating these huge violent-yet-bloodless spectacles, most of the violence is insinuated and left to your imagination to fill in the blanks. Good movie 8/10

Interstellar (2014) - Sci-fi movie from Christopher Nolan about astronauts who travel into space in hopes of finding a new planet to replace our dying earth. This movie was competent sure, but I think I’m done with Nolan’s movies after this. His movies are far too dreary and humorless for my liking. I can’t think of a better way of explaining Nolan’s tone as a director than a scene in this movie when a robot makes a joke and Matthew McConaughey literally tells him to turn his humor level down. 7/10

Blade Runner 2049 (2017) - A replicant blade runner stumbles across a secret that could totally upend the world of Blade Runner. This movie was very good but probably not as good as the original. It captures the look of the original but doesn’t add much to it stylistically. Harrison Ford’s character is kind of wasted too, but still 7/10

Looper ( 2012) - A sci-fi movie about a time-travelling hitman (it’s complicated) This movie kicked ass. I can’t even really think of any major complaints. 8/10

Predestination (2014) - A sci-fi movie about a time travelling…person who…uh…well, the movie starts out as a thriller about a time travelling agent sent to stop a terrorist bomber. But then it quickly drops that premise and goes into…it’s just gross. That should be the genre: “Science Grossness” I’ll leave it at this: this movie could be unironically be called “go fuck yourself” 5/10

I have more I could go into but I’ll leave it here.


Movie was such a fucking let down. I really loved the start of that trilogy, but damn the third installment was such a fucking bore. And the climax was just… bleh. Woody Harrelson tried but he was miscast imo. 4/10 is apropos.


Oh man, I was not so kind to Blade Runner 2049. I have several problems with it (spoiler alert):

  1. Too much nudity for nudity’s sake. Maybe morals in this society are supposed to have deteriorated since the first movie, IDK, but it felt like they were just taking advantage of their R rating compared to the first movie. And also, that phased out double love scene was the one place more nudity would’ve been technically impressive (like most of the effects in this movie, TBF), and they chose not to give it to us there because… reasons?

  2. Lets talk some more about special effects. I thought most of them were really good. BUT, I also thought there were some scenes that should’ve just been done practically. Like, rain on a windshield needs to be CGI? Come on, build the front of a car and get a sprinkler. You have the budget for it.

  3. Arguably the main villain of the movie is left completely unaddressed at the end. There’s A bad guy killed sure, but the boss honcho? Nothing. Not even a mention after we see him for the last time 20 minutes from the end of the movie. Is there supposed to be setup for a sequel? Is this supposed to be ambiguity? I think it’s just sloppy and leaves a thread undone.

  4. Speaking of loose threads, WTF was that replicant revolution thing about? That was a thing for about 3 minutes and on screen for 2 of them. Our main character could’ve gotten all the information he did around the fire he woke up at, there was no reason whatsoever to show a bunch of replicants marching in formation in the background. Another setup for what sounds like a bad sequel that really walks away from the previous movies or just another loose thread? You be the judge.

  5. I’m OK with some fight scenes, and I get that in the modern avengers world, they’re going to have to be cranked up to 11 to get some members of the audience interested. But, I feel like there was a bit too much action. A few too many explosions. At it’s core, OG Blade Runner was a noir detective film in cyber-punk drag. I expected more of the same, but I felt that core was bit too diluted.

  6. TBH, I wasn’t impressed by the look of most of the film. It made a bad first impression as we were flying over LA for the first time that everything was so GRAY. The first movie didn’t have a lot of color either, but like I said earlier it was noir, so it did play with a lot of shadows and light. This movie was just so much brighter, but without any color either.

Now, to be fair, the movie did do a good job of throwing me a couple of curveballs as we try and figure out who “the child” is. There are some good characters and some good scenes to show them off - a standout for me was our dead baddie getting her nails done while murdering hobos by the dozens, though I didn’t like the rest of that scene… And, our big baddie’s lair, the square water room, is a DAMN cool piece of set design. He might be a little under-motivated to me, but I would like to get his architect’s number. And lastly, for some of my gripes with it, I did think the ending was pretty good with the last scene. Call it a 7 out of 10. It’s an OK movie, but it seems like the people involved either didn’t get or forgot what the original movie was, even if they understood the story.


haha, I was wondering what you would think of my capsule review of that movie. Incidentally, I see now I gave BR2059 a “7” on imdb so I’ll have to edit my message.

Oh, I should probably contribute to that “best of worst of 2020” thing I proposed in the other thread.

The best movie I saw for the first time this year was 13 assassins (2010), 10/10

The worst movie I saw Running Scared starring Paul Walker. I watched this movie for I believe…5-10 mins before I thought dude, fuck this brain-rotting garbage and turned it off. $4 I’ll never see again haha 1/10

As for the best of 2020 as in the best films of the year 2020 I have no idea since I’ve yet to watch a movie from this year.


It’s fun to be an American and watch movies in your language, I guess. Because I’m here watching your movies in translation.