The Movie Thread


Everyone with a budget wishes they’d made it first :smiley:


I wanna see call of the wild.


Yessssss.this.that was my favorite book as a young lad.
The trailer looked good.


Doctor Sleep was fuckin’ rad. I’ve only seen the theatrical cut, but I was pretty pleased. It wasn’t perfect, but it surpassed my expectations.

It also had some of the most brutal violence ever.



Dumb and dumber the original…still good.


Terminator Dark Fate.

This was worth staying out of the cinema for.


Spenser confidential. omg as a new englander the love interest in this has a heavy new england accent and is hilarious to me because that is exactly how most newengland born women talk.i find it hilarious because my
accent used to be worse.i consciously changed that years ago after hearing myself on tape.
i still have it just not so downeast. anyway good flick ex cop blah blah pretty good.


Last five movies I’ve watched, here we go:

Hacksaw Ridge - Good war movie. Doesn’t hold back on the gore. About a pacifistic, religious young man who enlists for WW2 as a medic despite being absolutely against violence/killing. Starring Andrew Garfield of The Amazing Spider-Man movies. He’s likable in this. Based on a true story. 8/10

Mandy - One of my favorite Nic Cage movies. He doesn’t go full Nicolas Cage NIC%20CGAE in this movie very often, but the movie is bananas enough without it. It’s a horror/revenge movie with a color pallette reminiscent of the original Suspiria with some over-the-top scenes making it feel very much like a B-movie (in the best way) 8/10

He Never Died - Henry Rollins plays a very mysterious man with a mysterious past. Saying much more here would spoil it, but I would say this definitely falls into the Horror-Comedy genre. Maybe with a little bit of the Crime genre mixed in there. Rollins is great and elevates the movie. Solid stuff. It’s on Netflix right now. 7/10

13 Assassins - After watching the fifth movie on this list I was curious and wanted to know what this directors “best” movie was like. This director (Takashi Miike) apparently has made over 100+ films so this one might not be his absolute best. Anyway, it’s about a group of samurai who are dispatched to assassinate an evil lord in late 1800’s Japan. It’s a remake of a 1963 movie. To be honest I don’t particularly care for samurai/ninja/martial arts movies but I cannot deny that movie is awesome. 10/10

Ichi the Killer - Gory, stylish, at times funny, and at times just…bizarre. It’s about Yazuka in modern Japan. Takashi Miike directs. I went into this film thinking it would be filled with cringe-inducing torture-porn violence but it’s most just cartoonish stylized gore which is much more palatable. 8/10


“None of that TV shit.” Hahahahahaha. Yes.

I find this ‘doesn’t hold up’ concept bizarre. For me, the question(s): do I want to watch this? I want to get in, live in, that space?..can I?

Last night, yes. Much so: The Wraith (1986).

I have this in my store of things, but lately have watched a bunch of things on Tubi TV - mainly Transformers (gen1 /…), GI Joe ('83-86, though I have that…'89 set in my cue…), The Greatest American Hero…oh, shit, sorry, that’s all TV… Ahem. And a fuckload of 80s and 70s horror and scifi movies - many of which I may likely not watch or get to…because…

I watch something when I feel I Want to. Else I’ll bail on it. So - I see The Wraith on Tubi, put it in there…and sit on it…for months. Last night I felt I wanted to watch it - and I had a great time. The theme(s), the scenes, the dialogue, the cinematography and scenery, the B+ jokes and bizarre behaviors, the music…

I love a lot of incidental music, a bit of it 80s synth. (I disliked the sampled stuff back then.) The Wraith’s music does what it needs in a conventional and non-pretentious way. Also surprised me how much music they…licensed? Ozzie must have cost a decent bit. Perhaps they had some aces…

I think The Wraith a good movie. Not a Good movie. Just checks all the boxes, does what it aims, and…that shit’s got some kick!

Skank me if you dislike… ~(8/|)


Finally got around to watching The Revenant over the weekend. Two-and-a-half-hours of Leo crawling towards his Oscar. Honestly, how much of the film was he actually standing up? :smiley:

Its pretty decent. Lovely bleak cinematography.


leo is so overcast…i mean seriously…personally i think keanu reeves should of been the lead in inception…


Keanu Reeves gonna face the music this year but William Sadler is back as Death so fuckit, I’m in.

No Rufus though :frowning:


his character in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was so funny after that


Funny you mention Inception… I had in mind the writing up of a recent viewing… It happened to come back round in my cue or something…and I waited a few weeks, and then watched it. It reminded me of some things, in particular about leading someone past their frame of capacity…

In any case, I enjoyed it enough, though jesus that technology has so many applications…it would exist EveryWhere.

As for Keanu…such a cute lad, with skill and brains…but no direction. His pretty face and aloofness seem to seduce people…

[[ S T A Y T U N ED : Ex Machina - coming next! ]]


Skill is debateable. It’s only a suggestion cause starring in both the matrix and inception would be a double mindfuck for fanboys


There’s a really dope film @GomesR recommended to me on Netflix called “The Platform”.

Spanish movie with super heavy “Cube” vibes.

9/10 on the scifi level


So last night I saw From Beyond for the first time. Kind of surprising I hadn’t seen it yet since I thoroughly enjoyed Re-Animator. I gotta say, the actress from that movie (Barbara Crampton) has aged ridiculously well:

She’s 62


Some do, though I can tell a bit by the folds of skin on her neck.

The Lovecraft story, From Beyond looks more interesting, as the 1986 movie appears to fall back on the monster/slasher model.

I notice Coombs leads in Doctor Mordrid, which curiously I have sitting in my Tubi cue. (I think it companions 1990’s Darkman, though at first look and read of summary it seems a variation of Doctor Strange.)

And given I looked, something for my appetite:


Since movie studios are doing that “VOD” while in theaters thing now…

…I caved and rented “The Invisible Man” - after learning that Leigh Wannel directed it, who was the other main character from Saw. (Who oddly enough is rebooting Escape from New York).

I’d give it a solid 8/10. I thoroughly enjoyed it as a good horror flick, not too campy, with some good plot and an original take on the idea.

I had low expectations.


Disney+ sure is shit at remembering where you left off from last time you watched a film.