The Movie Thread


I Am Mother:

Its ok. The usual post-apocalyptic 3-handed game a la 10 Cloverfield Lane. OR IS IT. Yeh… it is. Decent performances, decent premise, decent film, just not great. Shits on its own logic a few times which doesn’t help.

Transformers The Last Knight:

Just… rofl.


Transformers is like having your audio/visual senses hit with a jackhammer for 3 hours punctuated with cringe dialog.

Fun times.


Some weekend watchings-

Free Solo - 8/10 - incredible and monumental human achivement… Lacked in some areas as a good documentary.

All That We Destroy - 4/10 - great concept ruined by… basically everything in the production and acting.

I’m Just F*cking With You - 5/10 - very average thriller, some decent comedy. Excels at nothing other than off tempo pacing while still being somehow predictable.

Heavy Metal - 10/10 - hadn’t seen this in a decade. Damn good. Love everything about it, and as a long time HMM fan, i wish they’d make more like this. (2000 doesn’t count, but I love that too)


Heavy Traffic
Fire and Ice
Fantastic Planet
Les maîtres du temps
Every one is a bit different than HM of course, but they are all great acid-trip dope smokin’ screwed up animations. My gateway drug was Fantastic Planet.


I’m officially breaking the rule about this only being about movies and discussing the HBO mini-series “Chernobyl.”

It’s simply harrowing and amazing. Paul Ritter as the obstinate plant manager Dyatlov is perfect. Where have you Brits been hiding this guy all of these years? Stellan Skarsgard was born to play a Soviet party man. He has all of the bluster and puffy faced indignation for it, and Jared Harris is brilliant as the nuclear scientist trying to figure out how to clean up the mess.

It has a lot of terrible things in it, but if you want a glimpse behind one of the biggest environmental disaster stories out of the '80s this is for you.


The Favourite:

Outstanding. Emma Stone is brilliant, she has the best “WTF!” face ever (library scene, she’s on the balcony). And awesome as she is, Olivia Coleman is still better. I feel sorry for Rachel Weisz, also great but a bit overshadowed by the others.

One of those films where what you’re seeing explains what’s happening rather than people sitting around telling you the plot.

I understand why they used the fish-eye lens in places but it was shit. It matched the awkward view these people had of the world but it was meh and cheap and best left out of the film. Minor gripe in an otherwise great film.


fucking Wizards! love that flick!
i saw the dvd for sale and was going to pick it up, but just didn’t have the cash.
pretty sure i can go back to the store at anytime to pick it up, because no one realizes the level of awesome that it is.


This film?


fucking Wizards! love that flick!
i saw the dvd for sale and was going to pick it up, but just didn’t have the cash.
pretty sure i can go back to the store at anytime to pick it up, because no one realizes the level of awesome that it is.

Fun fact about the film is that the female narrator is the same actress who plays Queen of the Forbidden Zone in the Danny Elfman film of the same name.


Some weekend watchings:

“Terrifier” - 5/10 - someone made this purely as a love for 80s horror, i get that. It’s still not good. Cool gore, though.

“Friend Request” - 4/10 - stopped watching in the last 20 minutes. balls.

“Deepest Voyager in Space” - 10/10 - Killer documentary on the Voyager missions. I’m a sucker for space docs and this one was really engaging.

“Us” - 8.5/10 - Really solid horror film as expected. Jordan Peele is really a breakout horror director. Bonus points for ending in a totally bizarre cerebral way. Really original flick.

“Filth” - 9/10 - Really debaucherously fucked up manic Scottish film. Really depraved, just my style.


Man of Steel is still fucking amazing, and I will fight anyone to the death over it. It’s like it was made just for me. That score is unbelievable.

Put aside Disney Marvel shit (and your idea of what Superman is) and just watch it for what it is, before Warner decided to twist the property into a failed cinematic universe. A completely misunderstood movie. Its super-heroic action scenes have yet to be matched.

The ending and product placement could have been handled better, but it’s still the only comic book movie to get this ol’ comic book fan’s pulse racing.

“I will harvest the codex from your son’s corpse, and I will rebuild Krypton atop his bones.” I love this operatic shit.


Its alright :slight_smile:

I definitely disagree regarding the action scenes, they’re not rubbish but they’re not any better than what Marvel give us.

One of the best last lines ever.

Interestingly, DC are getting over their misery-phase and I believe doing a better job. Both Shazam and Aquaman were a hoot. Flawed as fuck, but genuinely fun. Wonder Woman was just great. DC have taken such a deserved beating from the fans and the message is finally going in. I’m sorry for Snyder’s personal family woes (nobody should have to go through that shit) but moving him into the background has helped a lot.

Comics. Aimed at children. Enjoyed by adults. Its never going to be Shakespeare.


I love Man of Steel, it was the best supes movie imo.

I’m more concerned that he isn’t superman anymore and moving to other roles… which is fine… but now he’s cast as Geralt in the Witcher netflix series. He’s too handsome for that role, lol.

DC just can’t hold onto actors the same way the MCU did. And now the sparkle vampire guy is Batman, yeah?

At least it isn’t Affleck-man anymore… yeeks


It’s Miracleman (with a bit of Akira imagery) turned into a Superman movie, while still being kind of appropriate for kids. Interestingly, I finally watched Captain Marvel for the first time, which is what sparked my interest to revisit Man of Steel. I liked it more than the last bunch of Marvel stuff (haven’t seen Endgame), only because it seemed to lay off the constant quips. Probably why people didn’t like it as much…

I have yet to see the pure speed and destruction Man of Steel presents in anything else. Using Superman as a deconstruction of the damage that super-powered beings would bring to the world was not the best choice, but it clicks for me.

I enjoy the Marvel stuff, but treat it as a TV show and wish they didn’t dominate how blockbusters are made now. I love the grandeur and mythological side of old superhero comics.

I cringed a bit when the credit “Based on the Marvel comic” showed up. They’re so bureaucratic that they can’t even credit Jim Starlin for coming up with the character. They even used the name “Mar-Vell” in the movie (I sure hope he gets the millions he deserves for creating Thanos).

And I also have no love for Snyder movies.

Thanks for reminding me of that. I think I’ll dig it.

But it strives for it. People said the same thing about fantasy before Lord of the Rings (no, I’m not saying Man of Steel is on the same level as LotR).

But he’s so damn good. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m watching the three-hour Batman vs Superman right now (got interrupted by a phone call) and it’s so damn Gothic and overbearing. I love it.

Maybe I’ll finally get through that Justice League movie next, but I won’t like it, dammit. :stuck_out_tongue:


I knew you’d be the homie that comes out loving him as Batman, <3 . haha .

Let me know how you feel about Justice League…

Not that Ben can do bad but I more or less blame the writers/director. I think he’s a capable Bertmayne.


Opening title card for Batman vs Superman:

This is straight up Miracleman. Ugh. I love this shit. There have to be others who like it. :stuck_out_tongue:


as a comic nerd, i feel i need to weigh in.
I, too, enjoyed Man Of Steel. It was the first, in my opinion, Superman movie worth watching.
I also really liked Ben Affleck as Batman. I really don’t care what anyone has to say about him, I just found his take on the Bruce Wayne/Batman dichotomy the most believable, to date. His performance was much more grounded and believable than every other iteration that i have watched. Dawn Of Justice was actually a really good movie, with some minor flaws. (honestly…supes and bats bonding over the fact that their mothers shared the same name…? vomits)
As for Justice League…? I’ve watched that movie twice…and the only reason I watched it a second time was because I forgot that i had already watched it. It was so bad that it was that forgettable. And it makes me sad. I feel that the DC movies are trying to hard to be super serious, to offset the campyness that Marvel movies often portray, and it’s admirable…but it usually falls flat. (I’m looking at you, Suicide Squad)
But when they try to change it up, it is excruciatingly worse. And yes…i am talking about fucking Aquaman. God damn did that movie ever suck. It was like watching a sci-fi version of Lord of the Rings but with all of the plot sucked out of it. Jesus, I hated that movie.
And this is why I haven’t watched Shazam yet…I really don’t want to be disappointed.
Marvel movies are great, because they have a solid formula to follow, as well as a solid storyline that they must adhere to…but DC movies just don’t have that structure, yet, and as a result…most of the movies as ultimately unsatisfying.
[/2 cents]


Man of steel reminds me of dragon ball z because of the zod superman fight scene which was awesome fucking lol though


If watching/re-watching Dawn of Justice, remember to watch the Blu-ray version as it’s more coherent than the theatrical version because some of the cut bits are put back into it. It’s still not great but it’s better.


Shazam was actually pretty decent. One of the better DC movies. It has a lot of that humor and light heartedness to it that Marvel does, and it’s definitely geared as a family friendly adventure.

Not the best story, but it was cool to see.

I watched Justice League once - never again. I can’t believe a whole “team” of writers got together and thats what they shat out.

No love for the original Superman movie with Christopher Reeves? That’s a classic!