The Movie Thread


Re-re-re-re-re-(losing count) watching Serenity and it lols in the face of just about all sci-fi franchise movies. The lack of budget is eeksome but at the same time it hoists a big fuck-you flag. The dialog sparkles as fuck.

Still makes me laugh: “Remember if it sucks its your fault.” Not a quote from the film.

EDIT: Joss still needs to acknowledge Cowboy Bebop but hey ho.


Quick movie update:

Batman vs Superman is still good.

Justice League was bad.

Halfway through Alita, and I’m loving it.

I will end the evening with Shazam.


Saw “Midsommar” last night. I’m a big fan of “Hereditary,” which is the director’s premier film. This is done in very much the same style, but it’s a totally different film. There’s a lot more humor in it, after the beginning dreadful incidents. The Nordic nutjob commune is awesome. There’s so much weird shit, murals, ceremonies, and of course fucked up mating customs. Everyone is freakishly friendly. There are some real stand out scenes that are shocking. It does drag quite a bit at 2:27 hours. And of course, everyone is a moron sheep ready to be slaughtered. You would think they had more snap by now after decades of instruction through horror films? But it’s still somewhat convincing how the crazy Nords calm down everyone after some fucked up ritual. And, lots of psychedelic tea for all!

Definitely entertaining in a dark, humorous way.


Hereditary has a nice picture. you know i mean colors exposure etc

The Visit 2015 = Shit bricks .

I looked at John Wick 3 and I want to say that this is an awesome movie. I would have shot it myself! More action, more shots from pistols. Nice More shots. Although it seemed to me in the previous parts more shots were fired.

Has anyone watched Pokemon. Detective Pikachu?


I’m just waiting for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood to come out, as well as the Scary Stories movie, which I’m really excited abotu Guillermo Del Toro directing).

I also probably will go see the Lion King. I haven’t seen the new Aladdin yet, not sure if I’ll make it out but I may. Do want to see it eventually in any case. I haven’t had terribly high hopes for the Disney live action remakes, I don’t think they’ll come close to the originals, but I kinda want to see them for nostalgia’s sake, see what they do with them.


Oh, oh, oh! Has anyone seen the Dead Don’t Die?!?!?!?

I saw it when it came out a few weeks back. Fun movie, lots of breaking the third wall kinda stuff. I’m wondering if the entire movie was basically improvised lololol. Lots of fun, with some familiar actors. I enjoyed it, was a fun movie to see. Just may try to go see it again!


I really like to watch movies about zombies.



Some random watchings:

“Replicas” - 3/10. Fucking terrible. I can’t believe Keanu Reeves signed up for this and actual producers let this screenplay out of the gate. I’ve never said this before, but it would have been better stretched out as a series.

“The Hummingbird Project” - 8/10. Actually quite good, with an original storyline. Salma Hayek killed it as usual.

Caught up on “the maze runner” trilogy. I really loved the first.

“Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” - 6/10. Why oh why the fuck did they go zombies? What about the maze? What the hell?

“Maze Runner: The Death Cure” - 5/10. Fuck man, the story sucks. Makes the first one (which was good but not great) look like a god damn masterpiece.




About to revisit some oldschool Asian stuff today:

Battle Royale (theatrical version)



And heaven help me, I’m going to rewatch Kotoko, which was very difficult the first time. Five years is a long break, but it’s time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse

Tremendous. Loved the animation and story. Avoid even looking up the credits on IMDb because that would give away stuff. They’ve taken some of the comic book art style and transferred to screen, with generous amounts of CGI. I went into this knowing nothing other than it was highly recommended and it did not disappoint.

My favourite thing I’ve seen this year so far.


Alita: Battle Angel

Decent. Not great. Some nicely done action setpieces.

Better world than the story in it.


Nightmare Cinema - 6.5/10 - A better horror anthology than I thought it would be, which is rare. Some goodies in there and a pretty great choice of directors.

Last weekend I also re-watched all 5 terminator movies in anticipation of the hopefully not-too-terrible 6th film.
A retroactive review:

The Terminator - 9/10 - This film is still 80s perfection. Cameron really nailed it out of the park for the era this came out, and while the practical effects and stop motion haven’t aged so well, it still ages like a good cheese

Terminator 2: Judgement Day - 10/10 - What could be said about this that already hasn’t been? It’s a fucking masterpiece.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines - 6.5/10 - I remember really liking this one when it came out, but, time hasn’t done it well. It’s an OK flick with some joggy CGI and not the best pacing. Screenplay is at fault here, mostly.

Terminator Salvation: 6/10 - The worst of the series in my opinion. The human/terminator hybrid wasn’t very well developed or thought out and led to a pretty bland conclusion. The pacing is also slow and not very riveting. Some OK terminator action otherwise.

Terminator Genisys: 8/10 - Haters gonna hate, I love this film. It’s the perfect non-sensical fan service that goes on it’s own timeline and pays it forward for fans. The machine phase matter terminator fight scenes are also some of the sickest shit in the entire franchise.

I’m excited for Dark Fate, but remaining cautiously optimistic. :X - of course, nothing will ever come close to what Cameron did, but I’m still open.


Argh I feel dirty agreeing with Nost but yeh on Terminator posts. T1 & 2 great, the rest rubbish. Thoroughly enjoyed Genesys its just a popcorn hoot.

Very interested in Dark Fate but heavy scep… ah fuck it who am I kidding - take my money.


This is one for post-punk, industrial, etc. fans to check out, it has great style and some musical surprises that I won’t spoil for you. Trust me, it’s an interesting watch.


My man, Genisys gets way too much hate. Perfect popcorn flick.

And yeah, dark fate … they already have my money on principal. At least they have Tim Miller making it, hes good.

Plus it’s retconning 3,4,5 - so fans shouldn’t complain about those ones so much :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s breaking the fourth wall, as in the invisible wall between the theater audience and the actors. If they broke the third wall you would see the stage hands. :smiley:

“Hardware” is a pretty tight apocalyptic Mad Max sort of sci-fi. I saw it years ago and liked the style. Not sure if the director ever came out with more films like that.


Saw hobbs and shaw the whole movie I was wondering if anyone else noticed the reference to the philosophers Thomas hobbs and John locke


Rewatched Mortal Engines. Still rofl terrible.

Now I need Star Trek The Undiscovered Country asap. ASAP is like STAT but with less wanker.


I tried to get through Mortal Engines twice. I’m not sure why it’s so terrible like… it had all the design and concept of what would make a great movie… it’s just awful.