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But under the weather and over worked as of last week, so spent this weekend catching and watching some impulse flicks.

Infinity Chamber - 7/10 - hard to believe it was made on a 12k budget. Really nice scifi, and I love the director’s other work (Pandorum).

Bloodwork - 6/10 - fun popcorn flick but bad 3rd act.

Insidious 1 & 2 - 6/10 - James Wan ultimate jump scare fest with really bad audio mixing. Might not get around to watching the other 2.

Ghost Ship - 8/10 - still one of my favorites from forever ago

Deep Rising - 7/10 - Had to watch this while I was in the cruise ship horror mood, still love it.


Went to Target this weekend. Bought Goonies for $5.

Also, Avengers End Game. SPOILER ALERT - Everyone dies at the end. Post credit scene shows Superman arrive as a baby.


My latest chiastic narrative map for Star Wars. :slight_smile:

What this does is map which films echo scenes from which other films.
Basically, Rey’s stuff tends to bounce off of scenes and themes from the Original Trilogy’s Luke narrative.
Meanwhile, Kylo Ren’s stuff tends to bounce off of scenes and themes from the Prequel Trilogy’s Anakin narrative.
And Anakin’s narrative bounces off of Luke’s narrative in reverse.

9 (the white circle in the middle) doesn’t currently route to anything, and it also doesn’t have any obligations to echo any other film if it doesn’t want to because 8 already over-responded by echoing 1, 2, 5, and 6 in one film (which was pretty nuts).

My guess is that 9, as the final end of this saga, will either do a sort of “round robin” approach of echoing nearly every film’s main themes, or it won’t echo any of the films directly, but instead respond to the overall theme for Star Wars as a whole.



Arrived on blu-ray today. Had to order from the US because couldn’t get it in the UK:

Easily my favourite version of the Green Lantern origin story to date. A blast from start to finish. Me happy nerd.

Oh yeh, and that voice cast… much much wootage for sci-fi guys. Just great.


Lets see, caught up on a few random items over the past bit:

Climax - 8/10 - masterpiece of cinematography as usual per Gaspar Noe. Some acting skills and random items left to be desired, but highly enjoyable.

Suspiria (Remake) - 7/10 - Overall pretty boring and not as much tension as I would have liked, but some of the most brutal kills scenes ever, yikes.

The Prodigy - 8/10 - actually quite an original “creepy kid” movie that had an ending that bumped it up a good bit on my scale.

The Hole In the Ground - 7/10 - an OK “creepy kid” movie with an interesting twist.

Sunshine - 7/10 - Not a bad flick, but I expected more from Danny Boyle.

Oats Studio vol. 1 - 10/10 - fuckin love Niell Blomkamp and this was no exception, some of his best work yet.


There’s going to be a John wick 4 and maybe 5 after seeing 3 I just dont give a shit about seeing the sequels I’ll just wait till its released on netflix


So, Bone Tomahawk… Fuckin’ excellent. A must for any western/horror fan. I’ve seen this movie dropped in this thread periodically… damn…

It did not disappoint. Great piece of cinema.


I watched Jordan Peele’s second movie after Get Out, “Us” (2019). I had really enjoyed Get Out, and I found some similar tropes in Us, namely body swaps, and a sort of scifi horror vibe. I also enjoyed how much it borrows from other movies in a way that feels like a geeky tribute to the genre. Ultimately though the explanation to the plot felt a bit far fetched and not really necessary (maybe a metaphor that went over my head – the internet seems to be full of different interpretations for the movie), and most of the twists were predictable. The performances from the actors were great, the main actress, Lupita Nyong’o was a perfect cast.


Godzilla vs king gidorah, too much acting should have been more monster fights


OMG Alladin is out and new X-MEN Movie . Gotta watch these movies


I am mother


Aladdin : 6/10
Endgame: 8/10
Black Mirror Season 5 : 3/10 (what the fuck?)
Chernobyl: 10/10 - my god that was a masterpiece.

Also sorry for cross-shitposting the TV/movie threads


I can’t wait for Dune. That is all…

rewatches 2049


I watched Alladin yesterday and it’s amazing. btw i don’t like this opera singings but it’s ok.musical


A Scanner Darkly is a criminally underated film.


So I’ve always loved The Doors. Didn’t realize there was a Val Kilmer movie from 1991 based on them / Jim.

Pretty damn good, really cool watch. I didn’t know it was Oliver Stone, either.

Movie gave me some bad acid PTSD anxiety sometimes lol. The 60s were nuts.


i could’t fall asleep last night so i decided to watch the first john wick (2014) since people going crazy about keanu reeves lately. Conclusion: not terrible but it’s a very overrated movie with a zero rewatch value. kind of like one night popcorn flick that reminds me of 90s action movies that has an unkillable protagonist where final scene is a 1vs1 boss fight. It’s alright but entire plot is really dumb. 6/10. Also this movie has the worst russian accents, it sounds like a completely different language.


I enjoyed JW1&2, but I agree… they are really overrated. Just a solid action movie with good choreography but not much on the replay-ability.

In other watching news I finally got around to seeing Soderberg’s “Side Effects”. I really enjoyed it, a good light thriller/drama. I can see why he was going to quit hollywood after it’s release.

While not in the same league as “Solaris”, overall I still enjoy a lot of his films. Solid director.


I just re-watched Logan Lucky last night for the first time since it was in theaters. While I enjoy the Ocean’s movies (well, 11 for sure), Logan Lucky is a little more awkward. It’s kind of like Ocean’s 11 mixed with Napoleon Dynamite, which is sort of a terrible combination. But, the actors are so into their characters that you can’t help but like them, and by extension at least like the movie a little.