The Movie Thread


I think that’s sums up most people though. Music, movies, books.

I used to love Van Dammed movies. Now I can’t stand a majority of them. Bloodsport is still great though. Time cop? No thanks…


Been in my collection for years. Love that film and the discomfort it shits on the audience is part of what makes it great. Reno and Oldman are great, and Princess Amidala is pretty decent too.


90’s cheese fest tonight
Super Mario Bros.
Double Dragon
and possibly Street Fighter


I actually really enjoyed that movie. Quality underdog flick. almost had a bit of a Hardcore Henry vibe. Loved it.

In other news I tried to watch The Last Jedi - again, fuckin’ fell asleep. Not sure why i can’t make it through that.

Might go see Shazam this weekend, seems like a fun popcorn flick.

Need to catch up on my b-movie horror list next weekend though.


A few quick notes about the Star Wars movies: Imho, the three trilogies relate to 3 basic stages of human psychological development over the life course.

The first trilogy deals with The Father. Or maybe better, “The Sins of The Father”. Becoming an adult without a father, finding your way between good and bad, the influence of and conflict between alternative father or in general parent figures, and, finally, the Katharsis and rescue of the father by the hand or better the word of the son.

The second trilogy deals with The Mother and The Wife. Or maybe better, “The Loss of The Loved Ones”. I didn’t like the trilogy so much when I watched it at first, but, as silly as it sounds, after my mom died and I rewatched it, it had a whole different level of depth for me. It just made sense and felt like a really important movie to me.

The third trilogy, judging from the first two movies, is about The Kid(s). Or better “The Teacher/Father and His Lost Son/Pupil”. The scene with Solo sacrificing himself didn’t make sense to me, but seen from the perspective of a father, it is deep, again.

Maybe this is just my way of making friends with the second and third trilogies, but I really found new personal meaning when rewatching these blockbuster CGI spectacles at specific points in my life. Thanks for reading and have a nice day :smiley:


So, a while ago, I rediscovered a movie I had watched when I was a kid. I remember I had watched it late at night, and I had really got drawn into it, but ended up being sent to bed before I finished it. For years, I had the memory of this movie in my mind, but never knew what the movie was (it played on cable, late night television). All I remembered about the movie was that it was about killer robots that chased these people around some sort of complex, and at some point some of them go into the vents, and the robots end up turning up the heat, kinda sweating them out.

So, a week or so ago, I was thinking about this movie again, and I had searched for it in the past but hadn’t come up with anything. It came back into my mind as I was thinking about movies, and I ended up trying to find it again. Then, a name popped up, matching many of the keywords of my search “killer robots ventilation ducts heat”, and the name was, “Chopping Mall”.


I clicked on the page, read the description… AND IT WAS THE MOVIE!!!

I ended up watching it, and man, it was some excellent 80’s retro killer robot action. The kind thats definitely more on the R rating as well, complete with gory kills, robots tracking and killing humans with cold, precedural completeness, and rising up against the robots.

Awesome flick, and I finally got to finish the movie after like 24 years or something lol.


No spoilers:

Half an hour too long but overall jolly good. Much much nerd service especially if you’ve been paying attention to details in the films leading up to it.

Satisfying conclusion even if overall it doesn’t feel quite as tight as Infinity War.

Lots more I could write about but absolutely not even hinting at stuff that would lead the more MCU-savvy to have stuff spoiled for them.

No end credit cutscenes. I checked in advance so didn’t stick around to confirm but that fits. MCU Phase 4 needs to have surprises.


as a comic book geek, i have to say that although i am upset that they couldn’t follow the actual story of the Infinity Gauntlet story, as there are far too many variables/characters/plot lines to accommodate, this movie was actually pretty well done. and all of the the final appearances of some characters were pretty much satisfying, albeit saddening. (i still have qualms about the “aging out” of one character, but i can let that go)
Over all, really well thought out story, thoroughly engaging, and entertaining.
However…was expecting a more pivotal performance from Captain Marvel…


also, i am glad that we can put the Antman up Thanos’ anus meme to bed…finally.


Not until I’ve seen all the deleted/alternate scenes on blu-ray we can’t.


The only thing that will wash out that meme is if Thanos has an amazing curry.


Mortal Engines: Great concept, bad film. The bra-shaped airship is particularly hilarious (unintentional I’m pretty sure). This time round, not avoiding spoilers by not writing about it, just too much meh and apathy about it.


Wait for the reboot in about 10-15 years


Atomic Blonde (again):

This film should be terrible. Unexpectedly its a complete joy. I posted about this before the original forums went boom but revisited it this evening. Its pitched as yet-another action crapper but is way better than that. The soundtrack is great except for fucking George Michael and the cover-versions are terrible beyond redemption. Charlize Theron is as good, if not better, than any male action hero in this. James McAvoy is a slimy delight.

One of the penultimate fight scenes has no music and is just people brutally fighting it out wanting to not-die.

Can’t comment on a some stuff as they would go spoiler-ward. Worth watching, worth avoiding too much info.

A wee gem on my blu-ray rack.


I concur! i have watched this a few times.reminds me when i was there in 87.
good soundtrack.except as stated above.sleeper for sure!


Friday the first one…because deebo


AVENGERS Endgame was kinda stupid…time travel…fat thor…too much talking, it did not need to be 3 hours long last time I’m going to theaters to see a comic book based movie because over saturation of comic book movies


Iron Sky: The Coming Race

Terrible. See it as soon as possible.


will do. highly anticipated this.


Got both films proudly in my blu-ray collection now :heart_eyes::rofl:

The very last couple of seconds of The Coming Race made me laugh. Still can’t decide if the closing credits are a nod to Dark Star.