The Movie Thread


4, 5, 6 made a big impression when I was a kid. 1, 2, 3 we’re ok. Thinking it was a new time, acting with so much CGI around you, and characters possibly not even there. 7 I liked and was excited for 8 but feeling a bit meh on the storyline. But if it was to be a filler for 9, to be amazing. ok. I’ll take it. So don’t suck 9.

And I didn’t think Solo was bad. Would love to see Luke and Obi’s arcs after and before the events of 4, 5, 6.

Edit - also Indiana Jones ftw!


Did you catch the Indiana Jones nod in Solo?




I didn’t but I wouldn’t be surprised.


Anyone seen Shazam? That movie was hilarious!


I actually wrote an article post on Solo as well, surveying all of the varying style references and film nods:

Not yet. I want to, but I’m probably not going to be able to catch it in the theater due to logistics. Probably will see it as soon as it hits vod services.



yes sir you did.stfu
sips earl grey hot
you were saying?


Saw Shazam at the weekend. Its not Deadpool funny but there are quite a few giggles to be had. Wouldn’t call it brilliant but the time sure went in fast. Two end-credit cutscenes, one the usual bad guy thing, the other them just taking the piss, which was rather good.

Enjoyable. Popcorn was had.


Damn it! I missed the second end credit scene


Pi directed by Darren aronofsky


One of the most important movies I’ve ever seen, I love that flick. “The Fountain” is also up there, by the same director.


Saw the hellboy reboot it was mindless with some googling it apparently was closer to the source material, it had a gag with him breaking the touch screen on his smartphone because of super strength it’s ok but if you don’t see it your not missing anything…


watched worlds fastest Indian on tubi ,true story about a new Zealand man who set a landspeed record at Bonneville salt-flats,on a custom built 1920 indian motorcycle.
really good stars anthony hopkins.extremely well done story.


Thats actually the best review of it I’ve seen so far. Gutted that it seems they’ve messed it up :frowning:



Abysmal. Loved it.

Badly acted, badly dubbed, bad story, bad script, bad jokes. Bad bad bad bloody good fun, just not always for reasons intended probably.

Imagine the Russians had a go at an Avengers style movie but had to shoe-horn in things just to get it past their authorities e.g. a several minute scene in a chapel where one of the main characters is saying the Our Father. All of it. For no real reason. Nothing else is happening :rofl:

Add all that to a weirdly baby-faced mutant villain.

You gotta see this awesomely terrible film lol


Oh man, been meaning to check this out! Glad to see someone give it a review - that’s exactly what I expected it to be. Gonna bump this one up on the list :slight_smile:


for christ’s sake, link the trailer, for I am a horribly lazy and reprehensible person who can’t do basic google searches by himself without being sidetracked by pornography. >:(


I don’t have any porn trailers… to hand.


Saw “Upgrade” this week. It’s surprisingly good! I had my doubts, but I found it very entertaining, like an episode of Black Mirror in a way. If you were on the fence, give it a look.


Leon/The Professional holds up extremely well. Haven’t seen it in years and years, but still could recite the whole thing in my head.

I was afraid the subject matter was going to feel very icky considering my age and the accusations against Besson (I thought The Fifth Element was really gross in spots), but both the leads are treated with respect and the acting is out of this world. As a piece of art it transcends real world shit.

It also had me chuckling out loud with it’s very dry humor, which was unexpected.

Really fucking good.

First movie I’ve watched in three weeks. Good choice. Would watch again.


When I was younger I thought certain movies where good now that I’m older certain movies I’m just like yea this is a waste of time…