The IDMF Sensory Overloading Audio Visual Thread


A thread for the eyes and brain to dance to. There is plenty of room for the discussing and sharing of ideas/techniques.


I’m dumb. What is this?


Music video thread by us.


I have no exp in this I wonder how @far_darrig makes their vids…

For me I’m just happy with a picture and some noise

Maybe I’m old but I like it when the vid is synced responds to the beat/track elements…most likely a yt tut on how to make that sort of stuff.


:joy: I really need to start putting a disclaimer on my videos. I don’t actually create any of the visuals myself I’m afraid, I just like to browse through giphy(dot)com and look at abstract gifs. Then I just pick on that fits the pace of the music I make convert it to mp4 and put the audio over it. I wanted to start making my own stuff but never had the patience to learn Processing or the time to learn Blender or any of those 3D visual programs. I just about have enough time to make a bit of music every now and again.

Beeple is an amazing visual artist though, so he’d be a good starting point for research. I’ve never actually thought to google him for learning purposes though, but who knows maybe he has some good pointers on how to learn the type of things he does.

I did once see on another forum about a thing called a VJ box. Korg released one years ago called the Korg Kaptivator, it’s quite rare I think but it looks pretty cool. You whack in images and videos into the box itself and the you can edit and sync them to music.

A quick google for VJ controllers and you get all sorts of recommendations for controllers for Resolume as well. I’ve never used Resolume myself, but it looks bloody good for making some mad visuals