IDMf060 - "Soul Engine" released!


the Netlabel team is proud to announce we have released iDMF060: Soul Engine! What a great effort by you forum members! Check it out, pimp it to your friends, tell your neighbors, blast it from your car stereo with the windows down. In short, get the word out, give a listen yourselves, and be proud!

on Audius:

on Bandcamp:

on SoundCloud:




@xSANTAxDURSTx :slight_smile:

Congrats @JvS

Wow so many genres on one release

Happy new year every1


Congrats to everyone who submitted and congrats to the Netlabel for another release. Great job all around to the artists and those who curated the project.


Amazing release. Definately a keeper and top contender for best ever IDMf release (including the ol’skool bnoard). Glad I listened in to this one.


That was pretty effin cool. Surprised how many tracks were under 4 minutes too. Not that I didn’t enjoy the long ones, cos I did.


Yes well done everyone, loads of great tracks on there!


Mastering this was a blast. There were some uniquely challenging tracks to take on and that is always the most fun as an M.E. Dynamic range expansion, automated compression, and straight volume automation all made an appearance to help keep things in check (all of which were firsts for me). Really happy with how things turned out, and glad you like it so far.


Got to listen to this properly in the car today on the way to work.

Thumbs up to everyone.


This is a fantastic release, And I for one am sincerely honored to be a part of this music and visual mindsex! Excellent work to every one of you.


added SoundCloud link, enjoy!