The IDMF Sensory Overloading Audio Visual Thread


Congrats! Lemme know when it is on Spotify! I know streaming is not the best way to support artists but unfortunately I’ve became comfortably numb with my playlists. Gonna start youtube playlists tho.

And obviously, I’m gonna share it. Have some audophiles that will be into it.


Something I did to promote our latest release. I guess this is a teasers as opposed to being a full length music video, but with attention spans growing shorter these days I think it´s a good excuse to focus on one concept and keep it short and sweet.


Both are pretty cool imho, really nice work! Second one gets a bit boring for the length of the video, but really nice work on the visuals!


Nice work @Radiophile very complex and engaging. I’m interested in video but the initial learning curve seems daunting… which will inevitably suck me into that black hole of not enough time for the many projects I’m working on… not to mention the dreaded day job. :sunglasses:


Those were both great… I especially liked the build in the first one. Thank you for sharing :sunglasses:


Very simple thing I did a while ago for a track on IDMF056 - I was thinking to use that template for something else, but I switched to other ideas. So yesterday I found it on my HD, made a slightly improved mixdown of the project and I 'm just gonna leave it like this:


I must have missed your videos last time I checked this thread, really interesting and very original work!


I dig it. But yeah, attention span is a clear problem. I enjoyed the video but I am extremely sure people would’ve slide past it in any social media because it dones’t have as much “dynamism” (epileptic stuff to keep you watching it)


It fits the song very very well! I could watch in on loop for hours with the right psychotropics haha


Going a bit mental in lockdown, threw this together in honour of that:


Made the melodies in this track yesterday to relax a bit, added some beats and a visualization earlier today, trying some stuff out with Resolume effects:

Edit2: Fixed it ^^


I love the Fractal Fantasy label for this, but they’ve been putting out less and less over the past few years, which is a real shame. Their website has interactive music videos done in WebGL (I think), which are great fun to play with.


I started with modul8 wich is great as a pure video mixing tool, as it has a very nice dynamic interface that allows for some funky video composing (it uses the same kind of “fake 3D” that after effects does (like video on planes or other primitives in 3d space, but not real 3d).
It starts to feel a bit limited after a time, but for what it does I hold it as the best one (compared to resolume/vdmx etc.) as the interface is great for playing and allows you to to quite a lot with simple footage.

The external harddrive where I kept all the video photage broke once when I was VJing at a 3 day music festival so I ended up doing several sets using just a square & a circle I made in photoshop + whatever photos I had on the desktop. worked pretty good actually :slight_smile:

I still use it for doing the things it can do (like straight video mixing with sound reactivity and so), but generally I use max/jitter as it lets you do pretty much whatever you want, and incorperates 3D pretty nicely.
It doesnt allow you to model and so (unless you type out the 3d vecors), but supports preanimated models and is super for sound reactivity, especially as I also use it for things like granular synthesis and it is a very friendly software in terms of recycling parametres.

(I have a real-time patchable sound reactive 3d model mixer I build it max if anyone is interested, its pretty funny/funky as you can map sound characteristics like volume/peak/brightness/noisyness/rise/fall/tone etc. to stuff like x/y/z rotation/position/color/light etc.)

Its not free though (max I mean, the 3d mixer you can have for free if you want it :slight_smile: )

For a free software that handles realtime 3d I’d go for unity or unreal.
(the unreal render engine is a lot better, but can be a bit of a headache for ppl who dont like interfaces/are familiar with 3d software, unity has a not very beutiful but fully capable render engine and a terrible interface, but it lets you script/write/rebuild whatever you want (however you want) including the render engine, so its definitively acceptable as an option.


Interesting stuff, thanks for the comment! Modul8 sounds a bit like VSXu and I’m sure Max is powerful for visuals. I would be interested in your patch if it can be used in M4L!

RN I’m mostly using Resolume and Hitfilm for visualization - and mostly Daz with the Audiomation script for reactive 3D stuff.

Interesting that you mention Unity and Unreal, I have been talking to someone recently on the Daz forums about music visualization who recommended Unity and I already downloaded both Unity and Unreal to check out the visualization possibilities. However, I think I would need much more time to use that in any really interesting way. Might make a few games instead lol.



ooo, it would require some serious remapping to transfer that to m4l, because its all based on audio analysis and not signals (+there’s some java stuff which might work so so).


I do have on the agenda to develop some sort of 3D mixer integrated in m4l (mainly with the thouht of playing it directly from my arturia beatstep), which I can definitely share once its done, but need to find some time for it.
I just applied to a residency with that dev project, so if that comes through I guess I would have it pretty soon, if not it might be a bit longer, but Im prototyping some stuff so can def share what I find.

something I always found pretty interesting with unity/unreal is that it has like a “physical space”, in the sense that you can create something that you can kind of drive around in, so you can throw a pile of things at one coordinate, and a pile of other things at another, and then stear through/inbetween these things


I use Blender and Adobe After Effects to make my visuals. There’s a lot of abstract stuff you can make in blender super easily and then just edit it to the music. Here’s one recent example of sampling Evangelion’s animation and using visuals made in blender.
https:// com/watch?v=qGpBzJTDe7Q
Then there’s Video Feedback!
There’s also tons of new video synths coming out and some badass inventors making all kinds of trippy devices. Also VR, if you know how to code visualizers then that’d be a place to do some insane visuals.

I can’t post links


Looking for something new on the forum… haven’t wandered into this zone before.

I really enjoyed this video @CFRMN simple… clean production… video and music.

I’m new to video… want to do more. Not sure where to go … after iPhone and iMovie? :man_shrugging:


Nice watery texture in the music @metaside I also like the modulation in the chord progression.

Very sophisticated sound track and works well with the visuals. :sunglasses:


That’s awesome :clap::sunglasses: