The How you are really doing today thread


Why am i so easily triggered by political stuff…

I dont like that i am…

Still trying to avoid it politics.


I think I said it here a couple times in this thread, but honestly I just stopped reading/watching anything to do with it. I’m a queer socialist at this point and ain’t no one gonna ever fucking change that…when its time to vote I do the homework and get in line. Other than that, fuck off with it lol…my well being is way more important.

Do the self care. Don’t read the comments section. Stop watching/reading the media. Make music. Make love. Make beer. Make food. Make friends.


Im an independant that believes in anti tribal extremism…

But yeah ill just use an anonymous social media account instead of idmf if i ever feel the need to post my opinions.

I will unfollow the stuff on my social media…
Thanks relic.

Sorry for killing the vibe…


anti tribal extremism… I like that!

I mean, if kept to a single thread I honestly doubt it is pestering anyone : )

And tbf…there really isn’t a vibe to kill here these days lol


Found out a friend that was a veteran died of an overdose…

Wasnt a close best friend…but we did hang out occassionally. He had lost an arm in afghanistan.

Shitty news; i feel sorry for the family.


That really stinks :frowning: Seems like it happens to often to veterans… despite the BS recruiters spread they get treated like garbage.


Made a twitter account so that i dont spam idmf.


Just your usual being run over by the struggle bus continues. Hoping after something gets (kind of) sorted on the 18th I’ll feel better.


shit, things have been alright I suppose. New job / new city has been a cool adjustment the past several months and it’s nice to be completely out of Utah, I don’t miss that shithole one bit.

gettin’ colder, gettin’ older. Always more brews to crack and so the pacing is alright I suppose. Adopting a rescue cat on Saturday I’ve been applying for so that’ll make everything better.


Being on twitter has helped me stop acting like a person on twitter.



Ive lived game of thrones for a few years…

But things are better now.

I am less beside myself about the experience.

I feel myself healing from it.


Unfollowing the political stuff on social media sorta did the trick…

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: :100:


What can I say? Life has it’s ups and downs. Some days are harder than others. I tell myself not to sweat the small stuff…


Good to hear!!!


Im so bored i feel like writing a thesis statement philosophically examining human life and dissecting modern culture with baseless armchair psychoanalysis.

Then i have to remember im too old for that.

Fuck it im watching sports.


Im working on myself…

I wanna have that skillset that makes the ultimate salesperson…

Because im too damn introverted for my own good.


Ive been somewhat successful in replacing politics with sports.

Im tired of politics being such a big part of my personality.

Sports yay.


I think that i have bad reputation…

Partly because some morons were having a mid life crises

And partly because of my personality.


After having crazy anxiety all last semester in the classroom every damn day happy to report Ive felt normal my first day of class today.


Its gotten so damn toxic people cant even have a constructive conversation. What sports? I am a basketball guy personally, Cleveland Cavs