The How you are really doing today thread


Football basketball and hockey


The amount of time i spend on digitial devices not healthy…

Im gonna take a few days break from the digital world.


New year goals…

Spend less time endlessly browsing interwebs and social media.


I have come to realize what a crutch I let that stuff become during the pandemic…

Probably heading to the library today to find a good old paper book to read so I can put my phone down more often.

Kindle is great, but it is too easy to swipe Kindle away and open up something else.

This is a shit time of year for small retail and the gift shop is so slow I just sit with my own swirling thoughts for hours or look at my phone…not healthy


Toxicity comes from negative reinforcement.

Also being toxic is universal and isnt unique…

Toxic people usually revel in negativity with negative attitudes and behavior…


I still catch myself looking at politics and social issues…

Im trying to reset my social media alogrithm to only suggest art and sports.

Too much negativity to the point of toxicity.

Plus clout chasing clowns.


Im done with my reinvestigation of social issues post trump…

Im not gonna be happy about 2024…

But the goal was to increase my own ability to shut the fuck up about it and to understand the nuances better.

But yeah Ill fuck off about it.


Also confronted someone who was trying to destroy a friend of mine…i let them know that i knew what they were doing…

They shit their pants and fucked off.


Did a complete purge of all my music data on my comp…

A lot of the stuff just wasnt worth preserving…

Anything worth preserving is mostly up on my bandcamp page…

Im thinking about starting fresh… music wise

Also plan on getting a side hustle…cause im not feeling the drive to music anymore.


Thumbs up for group therapy, lifestyle changes, sobriety, exercise.


Been Going outside to touch some grass…

Cause yesteryears go by fast…and life is meant to be lived instead being glued to a digital screen…24/7.


Trying to live life instead of being one of those people who spend all their time on social media talking about gender politics and social issues.

Being a social media pundit is the easy road.

Living a Real life is the more difficult road.


It’s the opposite for me for some reason, but my life would be considered pretty boring and tame by most


What happened to this place? Is everyone on Instagram or discord? :joy_cat:


At first I thought you meant Above and beyond. :rofl:


Im in a better place…i stood up to a machiavellian psycopath that was screwing with people…they backed down once i displayed my big divk energy…

By this i mean i went super saiyan…

Im not thinking about the past anymore…moving on.


How to not stress out over bullshit…

Its bullshit
Dont get stressed out.


Learning how to not emotional dump and not be woe is me


Realized that some people goal post shift and are frontin…

In order to get others to doubt themselves…

So basically dont succumb to others bs cause its bs.


Went out yesterday and some retards tried giving me shit…

I just minded out my own business

They were just stroking their own egos.

Having cockfights with people isnt worth the energy.