The How you are really doing today thread


why this thread you ask…because im secretly gay…
so instead of pissing and moaning about what pisses you off, or showing off how awesome your life is to your 8million instagram followers and faceboork friends…

I pose the question

How are you really doing today?

don’t worry you dont have to share if you don’t want too…

Me personally I’m fine…
fine meaning i have so much shit in my head some of which is both positive and negative…but unleashing it would be a cruel punishment…because mental diarrhea is a nasty thing…so…
Yea… I’m home…trying to come up with plot lines for the stupid story which im writing as a form of self- therapy…instead of being a fucktard looking at a bunch of stupid bullshit on the net and spamming the stuff that I identify with on my various social media accounts…

Edit: I made this thread to encourage empathy (yeah, no despite being a total asshole i do actually have some friends)…
so instead of filling the forum with my shitposting i made this thread, but i realize that this thread might be bad idea because of the posting all your business on the net might be exploited by some are who bad actors…also it may be a redundant thread…if so feel free to delete this…


I’m actually doing really fine cz the lady of the realm does not seem to be mad at me today and the baby boy hasn’t been screaming at all so far - good quarantine times ^^


How am I doing today?


Well I’m not too bad, thanks for asking. Today I was thinking about how I really miss shopping for something besides groceries.

Sure, you can shop online but am I the only one who really misses just walking into a thrift store or a retro gaming store and the like and browsing?


I got up at like 11am, showered, dressed, drank some glasses of water then I’ve slept on the couch until like 12 minutes ago. Not sick. Don’t feel bad. Maybe been drinking and smoking a little too much?


I have gout in my ankle


better than normal, and better than a lot of people right now. counting my blessings.


Doin’ alright. Sold some stuff I didn’t use anymore and have a stack of 100s to deposit tomorrow and liquidate immediately into much needed PC upgrades.

So retail therapy is cool.

Beers are still tappin’, ain’t all bad.

Tbh I really can’t complain about shit because a LOT of humans out there are going through indescribably hard times way worse than me.

So yeah, the scenario is aight


I did something similar sans drinks and smokes. My wife’s great grandma has asymptomatic covid19, so clearly so do I :innocent:

gets bitchslaped by joke, dies


Hey man, hope you don’t! Or at least you won’t have terrible symptoms : ( Everyone stay healthy please. I don’t want to have to shut down this dying dumpster fire bc all the fun people vanish…


somedays i feel the more shit i eat the more issues i have…and the issues i have is the reason that i eat shit…
so kharma…
or just me being my own worst enemy

or maybe i just need a spiritiual cleansing…


LSD is probably a good start


i was going to suggest DMT.
when i do DMT, apart from being the most beautiful thing i have ever experienced, afterwards i feel like i have a completely clean mind and can focus in a way that i cant usually. it lasts a few days before starting to taper off and my brain goes back into the confused, ADD, hallucinogenic and depressed state that it is usually in. i call it a “brain shower”.

i dont know if it works for anybody else, but it definitely helps me


Still haven’t taken it, really want to though. That’s kind of my “final frontier” for psychedelic exploration. I’ve had good and bad experiences on all the others for the most part.

I just need to find some… or make my own… and get in a real comfy setting. Someday. I’m jealous


Honestly today was pretty good. Mowed the lawn which I enjoyed. Worked a little, student emails. Currently baking a pickle cheddar bread.


i am a huge fan of LSD and mushrooms. psychedelics are my favourite kind of drug. but DMT is something very unique. the closest ive found is salvia, but salvia can have a kind of ‘scary’, or confused aspect to it, wheras DMT has none of that, it is complete clarity.

definitely get some if you can. be careful measuring doses though. i recommend 30-50mg depending on what you want. most scales cant measure that accurately. you cant OD, but nobody wants to enter a trip they did not expect hahah

all that ^ is assuming smoking btw. its completely different if using an MAOI and ingesting. i do not recommend that for anybody. the risk of dying because you ate something like pasta is far too high for me.


work? i forgot what that means :confused:


We’ve been very lucky in that regard so far. Defo going to be saving as much as I can from my last few Uni checks of the semester.


i have been lucky too to be honest. VERY lucky, compared to some people.
i have spoken to a couple of people here alone that are now without work (so without money), at least one was even evicted because he could no longer afford rent.

i am in UK, so i get 80% of my normal wage through a furlough scheme the government cunts are running. it worked out in my favour hugely and now i get more money than i typically do and i do not have to go to work for it.
usually i bust my ass and work every hour i possibly can and still struggle to pay bills every month. i never get to see my family or do anything nice, so this is a big holiday for me.

i feel kindof guilty though knowing that i am enjoying time with my family without having to have financial worries while others are struggling to survive.


LSD is out of your system within a day. unless they test your hair :wink:

i hate those work environments. i used to work with a guy who was just not liked by a load of other people. there was nothing wrong with him, he was actually a pretty nice guy, but for some reason they didnt like him. they told management they saw him smoking a joint to stitch him up with a drug test.
unlucky for them he was pretty much the only person there who didnt smoke weed :joy:


hey man I’m doing ok. I’m almost finished with a short piece assignment for music school, and I’m drawing highbrow metaphorical comics about gardening.

I ordered a microphone from sweden, and it’s been stuck there for three weeks. Hard times for compulsive buyers