The How you are really doing today thread


Fuck, I thought waking up when you get older was supposed to be like a weird earned boomer super power.

Every morning is just wading through the fucking awful scabby reboot of organs in my body telling me to just go back and die in the sheets. Coffee helps, but my metabolism is all whacked.

I need to get some sort of routine going or something.

For some reason my creative nerve always sparks off at like 10PM late into the night.


I don’t know how people drink scalding hot coffee all the time. I normally have to toss an ice cube in that shit (also impatient).

Woke up and was half asleep and seared my taste buds with it.

Fuckin’ neato.


more milk? or they just pretend they didnt burn themselves to act like a tough mofo. they are weak and crying inside. youre the bigger man for admitting it hurt. :muscle:


I actually don’t use creamer much. Not that I like it better one way or other, I’m just lazy as fuck and waking up and making simple ass black coffee is almost too much work XD XD XD


you need to have coffee first so you have the energy to make coffee :smiley:


I’ve been oddly efficient at grading final essays this semester. Part of that being due to the sudden change to all online teaching the ones that would have been “eh…OK…” are “eh…kinda terrible” and the ones that would have been “eh…kinda terrible” are “holy shit, did you sustain a head injury?”

Like I literally just graded one in which the audience was clearly social media users and the premise was to inform them about privacy, how their personal data can be used and how to navigate all that. And the fucking kid had to define social media using Merriam Webster…because his audience, social media users, clearly wouldn’t know what social media is…


to be fair, i imagine the average facebook user actually does not know what social media is


hahahahaha, you may be right


Today was horrible.

My Matrix 6 died this morning, and I won’t be able to get it fixed for months.

Then I went out and bought a cheap guitar from someone on craigslist. Drove like an hour both ways. I brought it home and after trying to play it for about an hour I remembered why I haven’t bought a new one in over a decade–because I hate playing guitar, it hurts my god damn fingers. The thing’s a piece of shit too, the pitch bends when you push down on the body. I should have inspected it more thoroughly before I bought it but then again I know nothing about buying guitars.


haha, fuck man. I don’t mean to laugh this time around but jesus H.

That’s just whacked, the shit luck there. The guitar hurts your fingers like, tips or muscles? Always takes a while to get past the initial finger shreds.

Sounds like you should call it a day and bust open a twelve pack or two, lol. :beers:


Naw, you can laugh life is funny some times.

I should let the day beat me down but instead I’m working on a song and it’s turning out pretty good.

I can’t really wait around to work on my current album as I’m starting a new job this week and when I do start working I’ll have little free time so it’s crunch time. I’m getting close to done with it anyway.

The guitar strings hurt my fingertips. I hate the way they dig into my fingertips. I don’t have callouses and even when I was noodling around with bass in my youth I never had those strings hurt my fingertips.

Fingertips Fingertips Fingertips


Even amid a pandemic getting all my final grades entered and basically being done with the semester still feels great even with the coming income reduction.


Went to the dentist, yesterday. Took two hours to pull a tooth out. The fucker just wouldn’t wanna come out and it cracked everytime again they tried to finally remove it.
The last hour, two doctors were working on my jaw.

I told my wife to wait outside (the waiting room was packed), because I thought it would only take five minutes or so^^ :rofl:

Feeling kinda beat up.

Hi relic :cowboy_hat_face:


this is like the anti-facebook where people don’t pretend every minute of their life is part of their career and they’re writing their resume out of pictures of them working out and eating healthy and thanking the sun for rising once again on this beautiful planet of friends and happiness


the funniest part is when you look at their lives off of facebook and you see that they are fat, they eat like shit, they dont see the sun because they are working all day every day, they are depressed and have no friends :smiley:


my gf gets so depressed looking at other people’s profiles on facebook and going “they’re out there doing a million things and I’m just meaningless” and I go “that’s facebook! that’s what it’s all about, get off the fucking facebook! shit, I thought eveybody knew that”


it gets people hooked with small hits of dopamine and they just keep coming back for more, its crazy and poisonous.
i used to use it to chat to friends and basically just troll people. getting off it was the best thing i have ever done.


Fuck social media. Just one big giant flex & validation machine. Very bad for mental health.

IDMf and Discord is basically all I need in a social “network”. I couldn’t even handle having a dummy account on facebook to manage pages. Twitter? fuck outta here. Instagram? Yeah its okay I guess, but I still don’t bite.

Humans were never meant to be this connected all the time.

I was talking to a buddy of mine who has two teenage boys the other day. He said all kids now and days have this odd feeling of “living in fear”.

Remember in school when someone would find a funny picture, or happen to take one of you? And it circulated and you go teased a bit? Yeah now apparently school is like a fucking surveillance drama machine. Every kid now has their phone camera equipped ready to record any shit that goes down all the time. My buddy said sometimes he holds up his phone just to see a picture better and his kids freak out thinking he’s recording them.

Social media has kids just living in constant ridicule and fear with all this stuff so permeated.

On another “fuck social media” point - I find it really whacked how many moms post tons of photos of their kids growing up doing dumb shit. Of course, now its the mom’s validation that is needed to justify her shit choice to bear spooge-tumors.

Could you imagine in school as a kid if someone went on social media and found a video of you as a child doing something retarded? Yikes. Thanks mom.

“Yo momma so stupid, she doesn’t even set her FB profile to private!”



Reading Instagram quotes has been therapeutic for me and has been a healthy alternative as opposed to some of what I’ve been posting on idmf…but yea its so not that damn motivational dr. Phil shit…its more in the vein of common sense…also some artwork posted on there is pretty cool.

But yea totally agree that most of social media is a complete ruse…

And also

I’m gonna attempt to quit the internet because I feel like a gallon of milk way past the expiration date.


yeah instagram is used by some artists as an actual platform for their work, it has less of that dear diary format, that is if you’re following artists.