The How you are really doing today thread


Not crapping on people who actually have depression, but this is most certainly them. Crippling, terrifying fucking depression that I’ve never dealt with. Because despite my issues (we all have some trauma, of course) I’ve never had to lie to myself like this about anything


Two days in at my new job. I’m not liking being in public for obv reasons. Made my last frivolous summer purchases before I have to pinch pennies. Ah…otherwise right now just relieved the semester is over and the only apparent student complaint was a misentered final grade which is easily fixed. I normally don’t worry about complaints but didn’t really know what to expect from students or higher ups if someone did.

I think today I’m just going to slowly do some chores, mow the lawn later when the sun hides, smoke a hootie and maybe put something on the grill.

A week ago it was 30 degrees and we had snow accumulation, now its like 75 and muggy…good ole’ Ohio spring…


So I think in regards to how I come across on this website, when I posted the 80’s synthpop album I went from this

(one of us)

to this


I swear I still like IDM and will make new IDM albums :laughing:


Ugh, I just started a new job a week ago and I think the people there are starting to understand how weird I am. I can’t really help that I have a pretty flat affect and am socially awkward.


they’ll learn to like you. I’m not saying you’ll be their favorite coworker or that they’ll want to have a drink with you after work, but they won’t dislike you.


3 days cold turkey off the nicotine

and fucking GOUT hits me yesterday morning? ? Now I’m waking up at 2AM, craving a vape, shuddering in sheer foot pain, fighting a gram of ibuprofen in my gullet?

Fuckin’ hell man someone just come blap me and end this shit.

What’s next week, kidney stones (again?)



Quitting internet has not gone well…still find myself chasing the net dragon…

Good news is im detoxing from the effect that comes from being exposed to some dark shit on the net…so yea going from xbox360 game chat to normal person.


Movement/DEMF was canceled this year (it should have been this weekend). But they still did a full streaming line up of artists from all over. Got to see one of my Detroit native favorites, DJ Godfather. My girlfriend watched it with me and said she enjoyed the music. She had never seen a scratch artist before and also enjoyed that part of it. She is not normally a big fan of most dance music.

Two nice things about enjoying DEMF from home: air conditioning and the drinks are way cheaper.


I think I might be done with music. It’s been like 16 years since I’ve started noodling away at this hobby and it’s gone nowhere. I’m only marginally better than I was at this stuff years ago. I don’t really have the time or access to a decent piano instructor to teach me actual music theory and my time could be spent doing something more practical, like maybe something for my career. Art is not practical. I’m not going to sell my keyboards or anything but I think I’m gonna stop bugging people about listening to my music


ugh, just ignore that last post, I was in a shitty mood. I’m not going to stop making music.


I’ve been there. At this point I almost call it ‘normal’ now


Despite everything else that sucks, the first 3 days always seemed to be the hardest part for me. Hopefully you’re over the worst already, u got dis


Lay off the beer and organ meats


Sometimes I want to talk about things but I get the vibe that most people dont care and some are even glad that I have problems…hence my demeanor…

Care bears dont care…anymore…personally I blame bath salts…

I hate the internet…I really hate finding dark shit on it…


hahaha fucking gout man. I’m laughing but that might actually be a problem for me too in some years.


are those slipknot lyrics ?


haha, beer is real for sure, not lately though… I haven’t eaten meat for 14 years also. I have no idea why I get gout - my only leading suspicion is I have really high blood pressure (on meds for it even).

IDK. Sucks. This is like the fifth time. I’d like to think i eat fairly healthy, I’m not super overweight or anything either.


It’s finally clearing up now thank fuck


If this had any truth in it, I’d have been fucked by this a long time ago :smiley:

Alcohol isn’t healthy or anything, but for a lot of people meat isn’t exactly a poison when consumed in moderation


I meant for gout. Beer and organ meats aren’t good for gout.


No I’m just having feels, I listen to alt rock not pop metal…wouldnt know slipknot lyrics if it hit me upside the head…