The How you are really doing today thread



For dune.


Dune Sietchposting is worth checking out if you like lots and lots of stupid dune memes and facebook group inside jokes.




Bracing myself for a day of high school bullshit from a middle aged lex luthor and carrie bradshaw/Lady Macbeth.

I get love messages to play two guys one cup and a pizza place with carry bradshaw and lex luthor.

Trying not to make odd posts on idmf about those two.

But honestly how would you feel about two people who wished death on your family, only for a close family member die because of covid a few months later.

If you think it’s Karma, you’d be mistaken. Believe it or not, I’m not a “loki/mephisto”, I actually tried my hardest to get along with those two and be nice to them.

So Yeah that…

Sorry idmf…
Because of the Never ending story.


Maybe this is a totally dumb question as I’m unsure of the medium over which they communicate with you but can’t you just block them or something? Even in your real life how is it they’ve got so much access to your ears? They seem like they are legitimately stalking you.

I get that sometimes people get in weird situations where doing something about a problem like this could cause further disruptions in their life. Like maybe they’d lose or have to quit a job over bringing it up with some kind of authorities.

No need to provide details you aren’t comfortable with but when you bring them up I’m always like “damn, I would not put up with that shit”


The less I say the better for everyone including the forum.


That’s cool. It always just bothers me when I hear of forum members having a bad time : )


Thanks for understanding. I’m trying to act out less on the forum.

I guess I gotta learn how to deal with stress. Better.


Had a wierd dream…it helped me make sense of things.

Also watched dildo fights on YouTube this morning it put me at ease.


I normally don’t, but am having a crazy anxiety day so took 5mg THC today before class. We shall see how this goes. At home I barely “feel it” besides the relief but I’ll see how it affects me thinking on my feet.


A little bit of this a little bit of that.

Had some residual negative type energy that I washed away cause i realized my negative energy wasn’t the reality.

And also learned that my treatment was due to someone else’s fickle feelings and trying to use me to fulfill their own needs…when I was trying to mind my own business…

Also Im gonna work on my own shit trying not to have my shit affect anybody in any way.

Could I have done better and made better choices yeah…

Oh well moving on.


How am I really doing?

Rotting my brain with cannabis.

Smoke it to numb me, just makes me more paranoid – I still smoke it anyway.

And have been on the coke again all night for the first time in ages and have remember why it’s so much fun, and also why it’s so fucking bad.


Rediscovering my love for guitar again, and it feels amazing. For the past year I had severe pain in my back that prevented me from playing (and doing lots of other things) but thankfully it’s all over. It’s like waking up from a year-long nightmare and rediscovering melodies again.


Wow! That’s brilliant mate, so glad you’re back in business!

That must have been tough going.

It reminds me of a story of a friend of my Dad’s.

30 years ago, he fell over and broke his nose, however, one of his nostrils became disfigured in such a way, that whenever he breathed in through his nose, that nostril would close like a flap, prevent airflow through one nostril.

Then, ironically, 30 years later, he fell over again, and broke his nose again, but this time, when it healed, the flap no longer obstructed his breathing, and he could inhale a deep breath through both nostrils for the first time in decades!

Love that. That’s just absurdly comical.


Next time it happens go to the Chiropractor they will fix the guitar induced back pain


Strangely enough, I have a chirpractor in my family and I was getting free routine adjustments the whole time. It turned out to be my innards though so now everything is fixed and I don’t have to deal with that BS again


That must be the weirdest coincidence for someone to live though! It’s like the guy who had a heart attack, crashed his car and then his heart started beating again from the impact (still not sure if that story is true, but it makes for a great urban legend!).


I feel you on the booger sugar. Havent partaken in ages. But that line between it being fun and suddenly just feeling wrecked and used up is a very thin line.

I just don’t trust it not have to fentanyl in it these days around here. But Ive done plenty for one person in one lifetime.


Yeah, that’s been a put off for me too since finding out about it, another reason not to do it. Fortunately this stuff felt super clean, and there was very minimal depression in the come down – actually made a tea with some shrooms I had in a drawer for year yesterday by myself, was challenging in some ways, it was a very emotional and thought provoking experience, I felt like I got what I needed from it.


Well that’s good to hear : ) We have billboards around here warning people about fentanyl being in everything and from the little word I get “from the street” these days it is actually true.

Been feeling a little better myself. I don’t know if it is a good or bad thing health wise but I like being back physically in the classroom, I like getting out of the house more. I feel more like I have structure and a schedule.

Making music again. Lots actually. Sure most of the ideas end up being nothing. Once again need to clean up my studio and my gear all set back up. But really excited for this current setup because its really what I’ve been wanting to do for years but it just didn’t really ever fall together.

Also, it officially feels like fall and it is horror movie season.