The How you are really doing today thread


I had a good few days… but I’m not ok…

I feel like I’m holding on to stuff from like 3 weeks to 5 months ago.

Idk…it’s like this is my reminder to remember certain stuff so that I learn my lesson.


I was laid off from my job about 7 weeks ago and told by the GM that it was because they couldn’ afford to pay me at the time…but also that I’d be back to work there in 6-8 weeks and paid me an extra paycheck to get me by until the time came. I kind of felt like the GM was bullshitting me and it was just hot air from a guy that regularly spews hot air, So I’ve been looking for a new job and NOTHING is going for me right now. I have talked to so many people on the phone and it’s just agony trying to find something I can do and don’t hate my life doing.

Yesterday I lined an interview up during, well, a phone interview…and got ghosted today. Apparently employers still think they can do whatever the fuck they want and prospective employees will still line up to take the punishment. I’m kind of glad this whole (weak) movement to make employment better for the workers is happening right now, because I feel like in the last ten years or some, so many companies do take advantage of the minimum wage to find cheap labor (and run those people into the ground, never giving any raises) while people are struggling to pay the rent is criminal and should be fixed asap.


That really sucks man. While I am on the side of “you don’t have to love what you do” I completely agree you at least have to be able to tolerate it mentally and physically.

Wishing you some luck!


Haven’t made any music in months…trying to be more social…cut out most media from my life.


just getting out of that music slump myself…its always in “bi polar” cycles for me (I don’t mean to slander anyone who actually has bi polar disorder). as much as we love it, if it is just your hobby don’t sweat it.

I’m not trying to make this about me, but I communicate by speaking about my own experience, I mostly have an interest in music in spurts unless I have the very rare gig coming up…if that’s the case I’m on the 1s and 2s like a fly on shit but otherwise its very hit and miss. I wish I were more consistent but life is a bitch and TV and weed are easy.


Im Doing better, just wanted to say thank you for not banning me for all my shitposts and my behavior over the years, and thank you for being there and being understanding, you know who you are.

Tbh my faith in humanity has been somewhat restored.

So thank you and take care of yourselves. See you around the forum.


I feel like a negative energy that once possessed me is now gone.



So far ive read 6 books completely…the others are only a portion…

Want to read more but dont have the movtivation.
So im reading like 5 pages a day…

I dont even watch much tv…in my spare time i just browse social media…which im trying not to do…

Im gonna try writing again


So im starving myself of news in regards to political and social issues so that i wont be one of those people that constantly complain about the state of society on social media.

Cons i have nothing interesting to talk about
Pros i have more free time, just gotta figure out how to use it wisely


I have to take a break from my phone…i made myself nauseous just from doom scrolling constantly on social media…lol


Media abstinence is going well. I dont feel the need to plague social media platforms with political bullshit. Nor do i feel the need to have conversations about politics.

Lastly i dont feel the need to defend myself. Nor do i feel the need to prove myself to others.


I havent made music in a month…i feel like i have no reason to be on idmf anymore but i keep coming back out of habit.

Hmm…ive done enough internet.


…media abstinence is going well…negativity is slowly fading. the residual thoughts are fading as well.


I get spoken for a lot. Trying not to do the same thing with the internet that trump did with twitter.

Keyword trying.

Some of my posts that ive posted in the past where in the vein to demonstrate that i “know” and am aware…and not me selling myself to people to be liked.

I was demonstrating my awareness so… that people dont give me shit irl because of someone else’s half assed assumptions.

So yeah apologies for my pundit like behavior.

Quote of the day
“Dont assume cause you make an ass out of you and me.”


My reading of certain topics has been effective, my self therapy is working.


Recently I’ve found just finding trusted people to admit/discuss things with has been really good for me and my relationships. Knowing some psychiatrists and psychologists (as much as I love the ones I have as friends) aren’t exactly to be trusted. They seem as interested or more interested in collecting data and are just fascinated by “fucked up people” than actually helping them.


I have been trying live by the motto of

“Shut up and do your job”…

I does it everyday…

I even preach to others the gospel of…
“shut up and do your job”

Because shutting up and doing your job resolves most work related problems…

In my experience not everyone knows the gospel of “shutting up and doing your job” hence why some people have problems at work…

Hence why i spread the word of …
gospel of “shutting up and doing your job”


Shutting up and doing your job is the best method for surviving the workplace.

For if they try to run game on you…shut up and do your job.

If they are provoking you…ignore them and shut up and do your job.

If they try to rope you into gossip…say that you dont know or are confused, and shut up and do your job…


I know this because it worked for me…

Itll work for you in surviving the workplace

Good luck.:100::+1::slightly_smiling_face:


I think that im done ranting about social issues and politics…im tired of ranting tbh.

My reading certain topics as therapy has helped me to curtail my rants.


I think it is a delicate balance with our personal well being. We have to be kind to ourselves before we can be kind to others. So, even if there are issues and movements we feel passionate about, if being too involved is hurting ourselves, we can’t help until we fix that.