The how do I make this sound thread


Post here the specific sound that you have difficulty making/completely lost on where to start and hopefully someone will help you troubleshoot it


Alright, how would you go about recreating the percussive elements (if they can be named so in this case) here: - I mean those muffled kicks and low end that start appearing since 1:00 in this track (a bit of high kick appearing, but very muffled). My first idea is to get a normal kick track, then play a lot with filtering, but maybe something else comes to your mind.


they sound like tom samples but eq’d so that the bass and mid frequencies peak with lots of stereo seperation and maybe a little bit of reverb…that is my guess



Thing to note with a KICK is there are 3 parts to it’s timbre. There is the Sub bass, then the low-mid resonance and then the mid-high range “attack”, aka the “click”.

Sounds to me that this particular kick has the sub-bass element and occasionally the mid-high “attack” or “click” element, but not the low-mid resonance. This could be just two kick samples layered, one low passed, the other high passed with the “attack” sample only triggering occasionally.


I am curious about approaching percussive sounds with fm


For fm synthesizing percs it’s all about using envelopes and lfo’s to make sounds…and resampling them…
you create sequences with envelopes controlling the volume of the oscillator and then use the envelope to modulate/switch between different types of filters and maybe automate the adsr as well, in addition to this also automating the degree of frequency modulation and using weird oscillator tunings both tuning oscillators way up to achieve higher harmonics, and also tuning it way down so that the oscillator acts as an lfo so you get wierd modulation in addition to fm and use the envelope to control the sequence of the bass frequencies and the higher crunchy noise frequencies, and add some distortion here and there, and the resample all the weird sounds you made run it through another envelope apply desired effects, sequence it once more and then load any loops you’ve made into a beatslicer/drum rack and then take it from there


Get a Digitone. It’s stupid easy on that box.
But, all the above apply. Sample, re-sample, and layer.
For kicks: sine waves as the carrier are always a great start, esp the sub and mid
the click… well, can be anything with the appropriate envelope applied.
Don’t forget distortion and compression (comes along with the Digitone). And side chain the kick to some reverb (low shelf filter, bass doesn’t take reverb all that well), dial in wet signal and decay time and, voila, a Berghain style kick. Also: NY compression, esp. on the mid/low, because those pants need to move.


That’s something that’s always interested me was the lfo trick with a low freq oscillator


I think I’ll try that out on my preenfm paired with the digitakt what with it being multi timbral (preenfm2) with some plocks I reckon I have my self a makeshift digit one (which I sincerely yearn for) but make due is what I always say.


Wonderful explanation from both of you though really thanks.


Well, you can sample with your Digitakt.


Alright fam, I’ve got a straight noooooob one for ya…the deep “chugging” bass sound that comes in about 1:33 (it is the only bass sound really)…I get the basics of the sound design the deep, slight grungy/saturated bass, I’m interesting in how to get that chugging rhythm…seems like it is a combo of envelope, side chain input from the kick, and possibly some kind of LFO tool. I’ve been playing around but can’t come up with anything that has that really pleasing relationship with the kick.

I’m embarrassed as it has to be bare simple since every fucking (tech) house song on the planet is using this bass right now.


For those about to modular.


sidechain and automating the parameters of the overall adsr envelope of the sub, and a slight gate effect(with the gate being at 40% instead 100%) maybe also a weird time sig like 9/8 or whatever something that evenly subdivides into 4/4 and also most importantly the slide feature with monophonic/portamento mode if your synth has such a feature also turn off the snap in the sequencer


automating the envelope, gate, portamento–great stuff, did not think of any of that. Weird time signature is possible. Thank you!


Found this interesting as far as rolling bass lines go:

More about the technique of getting that “rolling” sound, than sound design itself.


How do I create the lead from this track and this one

they seem to be a popular trend in youtube techno. It’s probably a saw wave with high decay, but I suck at sound design.


Pretty much, but with techno a common-ish trick is to either sample a chord and play the sample chromatically, which means you have the correct root note but the harmonic relationship of the higher notes gets messed up, or to take a chord and just transpose it with the intervals between notes fixed (like chord memory on a keyboard, if you’re familiar with that), only paying attention to where the root is, which will often put some of the upper notes out of key. If you’re after that slightly atonal feel that I’m hearing in both of these songs, either way will get you there pretty quick.


Thank you man I’m really having a lot fun with chromatics