The how do I make this sound thread


So, for reference (if it matters) I have a Microbrute.
Now I know its possible to get the EBM type Bass Sound on it, but I just cant manage to get close to it.
I made the following settings using all information I could find online:

It currently is on around 50% Sawtooth, 100% Square, 25% Triangle, 100% Pulsewidth, 27% Metalizer,Modwheel is Cut Off is barely turned on, Resonance is a small bit below 50%, Brute Factor is around 40%, Envelope Amount is turned up around 75%., Modwheel is deactivated, so is Glide, Modwheel controlls LFO Amount, Lfo Amount (own setting) is around 50%, Rate is 100%, LFO follows sequencer, Envelope Amount on the vca is around 50%, VCA is set to Envelope. Envelope has everything at 0,only Decay is up around 20%

(Sorry for this being long but dont have a better way of explaining)

Now those are settings I managed to get from the information I could find, it kinda sounds ebmish but its really quiet and still a bit too flat,what should I do? Im looking for a more simple DAF/Front 242 type Bass sound for now, very basic ebm bass pretty much. I dont have any external devices,only my PC with Ableton and Audacity,besides the Microbrute

Edit:Forgot, I have LFO connected to Filter in the Mod Matrix and Envelope connected to Sub


Can you please post an example of the bass sound you are after? Like what is the most classic example you can think of?


This should be the easiest since I already have the bassline for it saved in the sequencer

though for varieties sake:

Anything like this kinda sound

Edit: 1 day later but I kinda am close to an EBM Sound now. Thanks for trying to help though


How to create snare rolls like the ones in break beats.


I would recommend just creatively playing around with automating parameters such as velocity, release/gate or something like LP filter cutoff or some distortion parameter. Very basic linear, exponential or simple alternating patterns or sequences can go a long way. Another way to do it is using a group of similar but slightly different samples, add automation to taste.


So another one:

Im trying to train emulating ASDR of other tracks, and this seems like an easy one
Only the main bass sound is already enough but knowing how the effects were done would also be nice.


DAF - Der Mussolini. Would also like to know how to make that bassline.
I would say they used an analog monophonic synth with pitch modulation. Track is dope tho. KMFDM version is also very good

Just found this via googling:

Der Mussolini is all MS-20/SQ-10. I’ve always though it’s running through some kind of phaser or chorus on that track. They also still use that setup on stage when performing it.


Could be just sampled snare roll + processing


Man I forgot my pass word and couldn’t respond to the emails I was getting about your responses, I appreciate your help, I recently acquired a squarp and I must say it is a dream to sequence breaks and my own custom fm percussion, the resampling madness


Where is the Evelon ???


Most likely Some users shitposted too much useless crap on this forum (i.e. memes, general assholery, and skrillmau5 hate love threads) and most likely decided to stop wasting his time in dealing with fucktards like myself trying to figure out how to make this specific bass sound because life responsibilities to take care of…imo


I’m hoping I’m doing this right, I can’t see a ‘make new post’ thing to click on so I’m doing it as a reply.

I’m Chris, brand noob-beyond-belief here. I suck at anything to do with synths ATM, am hoping to get real life lessons soon, so I’m HOPING for a soundfont/preset on freebie synth/something for Kontakt Player or similar.

The sound I’m trying to get - I write New Age mainly, or want to - is right at the start of this YouTube vid. by Medwyn Goodall - You get the Bullstar video sign, then a tiny bit of flute, then the synth sound.

Now it’s a TYPE of sound LOADS of New Age artists use all the time, sometimes buzzier than others but they all use it as backing-filler to lead sounds. I’ve downloaded loads of things that CALL themselves pads but sound more like Star Wars effects and I’ve zero idea how to create this sound from scratch on a synth, I’ve been trying for 2 years and more!! (Hence getting the real life lessons!)

I know how to use EQ and Reverb and all that kinda stuff, would anyone know of (hopefully) a soundfont, or freebie preset or cheap synth (£40-ish) I could use just for those sounds and stick melodies on top, as Medwyn Goodall does all the time (And Karunesh, and Leo Rojas, and about a thousand others!) If the synth/whatever’s got a group of variations on this sound even better, using exactly the same sound all the time could get a tad boring (though Med gets away with it - some’ow!)

Yours hopefully. Sorry for putting this up as an answer, couldn’t find any other way of doing it, if I missed something tell me…



Your post here is completely ontopic as far as I can see ^^
Not sure I can help with your question, but I’m gonna give it a try:

I don’t see anything really special about that pad, imho it’s just some soft sine-based or filtered pad, you could probably get close with either a sine-based patch with some movement between two oscillators or a harsher saw or PW-based oscillator with a nice LP filter wiht arund 1/3 cutoff and some resonance, depending on the specific synth. I probably missed some aspect of the sound that you like.
For specific synths with presets, maybe Vacuum Pro would be an idea, it’s on sale often for 1$ and has a category with “ambient pad” presets. Fabfilter Twin would be another great option for soft pads imho, with two categories of soft sine-based and filtered pads to select from if you don’t want to get into sound design. But it’s more expensive.

Now the tropical stick thingy is more tricky. If you don’t want to design the sound (interesting plucks are not that hard to design, just play around with putting different short envelopes on some synth parameters, but “realistic” ones might be much harder and might need a few layers in a flexible synth), your best bet is to look for synths with lots of pluck and tonal percussive sounds or samples and soundfonts of stuff like log drums, mallets, xylophone, marimba or steel drums. Many synths do similar sounds but only have very digital sounding presets in this area imho, the exceptions I really like for this are more expensive and often sample- or wavetable-based. VPS Avenger has some great tropical plucks, but I would look into sample-based instruments if you want a really good sound. Ambient/new-age stuff seems to depend on good sound sources, since the melodies are very slow, so the sound should probably really shine.


Can anyone give some pointers on making the style of the drum kit Cepia uses in this track? I can’t seem to put my finger on how to get that sort of drum track, aside from manually editing the waves by hand, but there must be another less tedious way to do this.

Thanks in advance :grin:

ht tps://


hmm… I’m not really hearing anything special about this drum kit in particular.

I would probably use something like geist , battery, or ableton drum racks and just find samples that sound pretty close to those used here. The main things I would say focus on would be using adjusting the decay times, sample start offset, and a bit of eq as needed.

Unfortunately getting a drum kit with a specific sound going is probably going to be at least a bit tedious.

Another tip is that whenever you are working on a project and you come up with some cool processed drum hits, bounce em down for later use. Will definitely come in handy for future use.


I had forgotten how good Cepia is!

Nothing crazy going on here drumswise. @mnkvolcno is pretty on point w their response. relatively standard kick and rim shot snare. the electric bits can be made w a monosynth and resampled into Ableton Drum racks or Battery or whatever flavor of drum sampler you prefer.

The drums are pretty straight forwards as far as the basic kick snare pattern are concerned, its programming the synth drum fills that will be somewhat complicated but you could easily use a midi arpeggiator to play those parts in with keys/pads vs doing a whole lot of mouseclicking in your sequencer.

half way through the tune a bitcrusher comes in…


Hey all! I wanna emulate the beats in this track. Not sure where to start. I hear a wet percussive kick and some percussion instruments. What’s the pattern on it, and what other sounds do you hear?

ht tps://


Uh find these kinda samples and copy the rhythms? Not sure where the mystery starts for you :wink: No obscure soun design here


The theme song from the recent wonder woman movie is it just violins with reverb run through some kind of amp with a distortion petal?