The how do I make this sound thread


I’m having trouble replicating the sound that kick in at 2:55. The sort of filter swept super saw stutter pad layered with a square wave, or at least that’s what i think it is. I’ve been trying to automate a resonant LP filter to produce the stutter sound but it doesn’t sound right at at all. Anyone got an tips?


I would say beside Microediting or automating a sampler, something like StutterEdit could get you there. I would guess it’s basically just a repeated hit. Auomating a filter is a good idea, too, with the right saturated filter you mgiht get to something close, but I think some of the slight texture and pitch changes would result from the stuff mentioned above.


if your talking about that warped sound…i think its a combo of timestretch/pitchshifting similar to a dj scratch…


Scratch that lads I actually found a video of him explaining how he made absolutely fucking everything in the track :rofl: This’ll save me from a serious headache


Yeah what he said. I just heard retriggered plucks with some nice lush room reverb.


Yea Mr Bill was a member on these forums for a bit a couple of times. Besides that, his video stuffs are pretty neat. If I remember he is a big proponent to showing how he made sounds inside his projects to make these crazy things, rather than samples added and when doing them, the edits,like track wide stuff, he bounce everything down to one track when he did them. Much like this, where it feels like the entire track is edited switfly.

He’s a very cool dude to peak at if you’re a Live user. Whether or not you like his overall stuff.

Not sure how much he videos stuff now, but years ago, a lot.


An avid Live user, no doubt.


Been watching a few of his videos since yesterday, excellent learning tools. Seeing new techniques encourages experimentation and helps get rid of writer’s block. Makes me want to transition from Renosie to Ableton.


Other than Sony acid a long time ago, Live is the only thing I know.


Being the Ableton religious fanatic I am, I say you should also convert. You’ll go to heaven if you do.


What should I aim for if I’m trying to build up towards a transition? Like where does it fit in a bar?
i want to drop


I mean basically a “drop” is the removal of current sounds with the addition of some transitional sounds/effects, such as a rises, filter sweeps, dead air, BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASS.

Typically they come at the end of anything and go into the new section. They come intertwine with the next or abruptly end. Speed can change by way of bpm, repeats, etc. Also, a volume change overall can help. Say your intro has the same perceived loudness, drop it by -3dB to the main.

Really it all depends on your music. You can build it in or you can come back later and put it in. I really try hard not to do club builds because I’m lazy and well I don’t want anyone to like my stuff. :crazy_face:

Nothing like watching videos on YouTube and seeing people say, “where’s the drop”? But no seriously, some stuff is generic for me as a casual headphone, car person just trying to chill out. Not get amped up.


Hi i’m new here, I want to know how to make the heavily distorted and reverbed synth sound at the intro of the song “This Old House Is All I have” by Against All Logic, the one that sounds ominous and dramatic. I tried doing a saw wave with another saw oscillator at an octave lower, and then to reverb, then distortion, then reverb again, but it sounds cheap and boring. I use Massive on FL Studio.

The site doesn’t let me add links for some reason


I am sure it is not a synth. Sounds like filtered distorted real drum kick on reverb. Layered with horn or different orchestra instrument.


does evelon still own this thread? is evelon still here?
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that guy could synthesize your baby crying and make you go running to a speaker.


He made a re-introduction thread but hasnt posted much


how are people supposed to know how to make sounds??? :joy:


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By experience? And experience comes from learning.


this is exactly why the music industry is a sham right now!