The Hardware Megathread


From the little I’ve read it seems like a simple mpc type thing, with a focus on live playing, exactly like you say with truntables


About to watch some YT vids. Even though pricey, was kinda hoping it would be a more simple, focused on performance rather than full production.


From what I remember hearing of it, it was.


Yo, RFJ just turned me on to this new app which I think I’ll defo be picking up. Seems interesting.


If you read about the Toriaz on geaeslutz they really rave about it. Back when I was in the MPC game I was having a look at them. The amount of love for that machine really surprised me. Not sure what it is about the featureset that sets it apart but the box definitely has a strong cult following.


That’s cool, I’ll check there then too. I know for me I can potentially forgive a lot b/c it is one of the only pieces of gear that uses Pioneer Link, their proprietary sync/file sharing protocol over CAT5 ethernet cable. Which means you can sync pitch and BPM to their CDJs etc.


How do you like the combination of the Akai with the Analog heat?


Meh, I find it hard to justify the heat tbh, it’s great and all, but I tend to like a minimum of gear and the heat was too much for me, compared to what it did. I much prefer the efficiency of doing that shit itb. And I never got the software to work properly.


Sat in the Sun with wife and thought id open up the ‘Access Virus C’ to check all is well as i dropped it last week whilst racking it up, one of the end plates had bent away from the chassis due to the impact, just a matter of physically bending the metal frame back into place. For people who are terrified of opening their hardware as you can see the internal battery is easy to change, simply remove 6 screws on the back plate and your ‘in like flynn’ :grinning:

Amazing looking at that board and thinking it dominated dance/trance music for over a decade, and still a beast today.




Opening stuff up is fun. I don’t do it unless I need to, but I build my own PCs, and if you can do that and use the same common sense with regards to ESD and keeping everything inside clean, then you can play around in most electronics (that I’ve come across anyways).

What gets me is the number of thru-hole parts. You just don’t expect it in one of the great digital synths.

Also, are all those transformers just hanging out at the left the power supply? That can be, like… dangerous, no?


Building PCs is lego with power cables, has been for years. Almost zero tech-know needed.

Still better than off-the-shelf crappers though, you get what you want inside the budget you can pay for but its been a long time since there was much cost saving overall. I’ll still always do it though.

Laptops remain as ever just lol. For Apple fan bois sneering that includes most of the kit you paid over the odds for :smiley:


Dangerous !!! i have no idea :grinning:

But its worked ok for 19 years and i’m sure it will still be working ok when i’m long gone.


I just replaced a few dodgy potentiometers in my Virus Classic desktop. I can tell you one thing, that ribbon cable on the bottom was a bitch to get out, initially i was pulling so hard that I was scared. Gave up that madness and ended up using a tiny flat head screw driver to sort of wedge it out.

Replaced the battery during the same bench time.

Its a good as new, minus some cosmetic issues I received it with.

:edit: i also REALLY like how the power switch leads are both RED. WTF where they thinking?


I was looking at Elektron Model: Cycles again and I think I’ve been viewing the Cycles and Samples as a pair all wrong. Previously I’d viewed the Cycles as redundant because the voices/machines were mostly percussion based. But what if, and my god is this not a genius revelation, I used the Cycles as my drum machine and the Samples for most else? That is $600 for two machines of Elektron goodness that I scratch so many of my itches.

I think I’ll give one a go once anyone has any : )


ope! pre ordered a Model Cycles… : ( : ) <3

Fuck it…the Cycles is the new Electribe ER 1…so much undredone sweaty dance music inside the Samples+Cycles combo…Plus Mono Station


2 reds, its like a bomb disposal scenario


you’ll enjoy it, great machine


Congrats. Enjoy.


upon waking I’m keeping my pre-order in place…I really do think the Cycles could be the new Korg ER-1…which is one of my favorite “cheap” drum machines of all time…last night I almost impulse bought a stupidly priced NOS ER-1 MKII but decided the Cycles made more sense.