The Hardware Megathread


Hope you don’t have pets. The carpet gets SO gross.

They collect fur and dust and… just ew. Also, cats seem to like them as scratching posts.


You can get ikea rast bedside tables (iirc) they are the exact with of a rack and are like 20 bucks each. They fit 4 rack ears exactly.
It’s what I used to build my desk.

Lol, I don’t think I own anything from this picture anymore, im a geardiot


Yeah, I wasn’t married to the carpet, I had concerns about that too. Dimensions were a primary concern. I like what Artificer is suggesting. I found rails of all different U height at sweetwater. I could probably spring to have a nice sheet of plywood cut for me at home depot, and then I don’t mind sanding and painting or staining it. Just have to wait for the weather to clear up.

The dimensions matter because it’s going to replace this here filing cabinet, I’m going to throw out my woefully out of date textbooks, and it will be a nice place to put my laptop when I’m seated in front of the keyboards, so I might record them a bit more often.


I have a couple of rasts, however I’m pretty sure ikea don’t do the rast line any more, a shame really as they were only about £8 each.


Oh yeah, that’s a shame, they are the ultimate diy studio gear!


@White_Noise cam confirm my five cats all LOVE to scratch on that “audio carpet” they out on speakers and furniture.


It’s cool, I drew up some plans today with a few tweaks:

  1. 3-inch casters with locking wheels rated for 250 pounds apiece, because I have carpet and 2-inch office chair wheels are a nightmare in this stuff, so hopefully the larger casters are less hellish to move. Also that’s close to 3 times the weight rating of 2-inch casters.

  2. Some extra dead space on top. If need be, I can take a hole saw to that later and add 80mm computer case fans and power them from a USB plug mounted internally (since I’ll have power distribution rack-mounted anyways) without having to give up rack space.

  3. 16U of rack space because I found a supply website with 14 and 16U rails for the same price, but the math gets easier with 16U of rack space and at the angle I will be at, only about 3/4 of an inch taller.

I might need to modify the drawings a bit, IDK why I was thinking I would mount the front facing boards from the front, it would be so very much cleaner from the sides. So I need to shorten those a bit. And I’m thinking I’ll put a few 2 x 4’s in the bottom to brace the sides and give the casters a deeper mount than just straight plywood.


Yesterday i set myself a task of producing a track working in the constraints of using just a 1988 Yamaha PSS-680 toy keyboard found at a car boot sale and a oto Bam as its designed to mimic 70s/80s crappy reverb units.
Once you start tweaking the 680’s modulation levels it sounds great, with a splash of reverb of course. Last night this led me down a rabbit hole trying to get a vst PSS-680 midi editor to work in ableton live without success (can’t get midi out) as id of loved to draw in the modulation, but today i will carry on the fight regardless :grinning:


Yesterday I took the time to look into the Microfreak sequencer, that synth gets better every day!


Oh, the micro freak just got a firmware update with new features it looks like.


I’m going to take a serious look at the Microfreak, but all this DJing lately has be wanting another CDJ and a 3 channel mixer. But either of those by themselves is twice the $ as a MicroFreak.

@canecreek we want a secret IDMf hardware thread sneak peak at that track!


2.0 or an even newer one?


Arturia MCC has crashed every time I tried to apply the 2.0 firmware to my Microfreak, so I never bothered. Thankfully it works perfectly with my Matrixbrute, so I’m happy enough I suppose.


Yes they seem to have a queer update lark, My Arturia Keystep wouldn’t accept that last update they did which was full of enhancements, tried installing via Mac and PC.


I guess its 2.0. Wasn’t following sorry it’s old news
Is the microfreak poly? It has a chord mode it seems.


Nah, 4 voice “paraphonic”. Independent amp envelopes through a single filter. Put an LFO on the filter though and you really can’t tell there’s only one, just becomes amp envelopes going through the filter that’s always moving.


it will be kinda chill out, ill post it when its done hopefully this week, nothing ground breaking its only a PSS-680 :joy:

I may cheat and add some shortwave radio recordings, I’m really getting into short wave at the moment after buying a cheap little Tecsun R9012 10-band short wave radio, its a sample fodder paradise, a gift that just keeps giving…


I haven’t been able to get something I liked from the Chord oscillator but the new ‘Noise’ oscillator is beautiful. A layer of noise with sample reduction and a layer of waveform.
I was asking if it’s a new update as apparently Arturia have more oscillators coming.


Just heard about that noise oscillator update yesterday, go to hear they claim theres more cool updates to come too.

it been a bit harder for me to jump on the wagon as i already own braids.


Anyone here have a Toraiz SP-16…I’m looking at it because I can sync with my Pioneer dj setup which doesn’t use MIDI. I don’t know anything but the basic feature set.