The Hardware Megathread


As we know you will end up creating a single monster-thread to discuss all hardware things, I went ahead and created one for you…

Back yet again


Yassssh. Hardware mega-thread!


I kinda want a Modal Electronic Skulpt.


I am still torn on my live iPadalboard…which serves as drum, bass, and occasional lead and pads.

Have space for one small synth. Torn between Minitaur and DSI Mopho. Have both of them.

Mopho pros
More versatile…lots of modulation options, noise osc, arp.
Range, Minitaur is supposed to be a bass synths, goes onl up to e4 or something.

Minitaur pros
At the most basic osc level, I prefer the sound of the Minitaur
like the analog feel of the knobs on the Minitaur for live tweakage

Bandmate feels no one will know in the mix. Im sure he is right and for recording, we will use various other synths anyway.


Let’s see here…

new shit…

see if this direct upload luxury works


Sup yall.

we’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

waiting on the release date for the Behringer Pro1

I’m scoop it and the other half of Neon Cities is gonna get the Behr Model D w some saved up Spotify royalties.



I’m lusting for a Rev2. My GAS is out of control. Help.


Send some boxes my way! :wink:


i’ll store them for you so you have adequate space for your Rev2.


Also… with the 2.3 update I am reconciled with the MPC. If they get to plugins and I can upgrade key FX, I’m even gonna love it.

Question for my fellow gearheads… I feel I’m well served with my DBX566, Dbx166xs, and VLA-II. I’m wondering what one should expect (or not) from a Warm Audio WA76 on drums vs any of the above. I’m guessing it’s going to be subtle and perhaps low low on the future gear list. Or is there a noticeable difference in “presence”, “crisp” high hats, or some such stuff?


well, unless you’ve managed to get grips on the ones you have I would recommend NOT getting into another comp.

I seem to remember in a post you mentioning that you’re not really hearing much of a difference when you tweak the params.

I don’t think a new compressor is the fix, maybe spend some time w the 166 as its likely the most straight forward and get really well acquainted with its functions.

Unless of course you have uncontrollable GAS in which case do whatever you want! :wink:


What do you need my empty boxes for?

Though, on a more serious note… I have a DevilFish mod TB-303 in the works (ETA Feb ‘19) and the GR-1 from Tasty Chips should arrive Feb ‘19 as well. I feel a Rev2 would nicely complement the sound palette for that gritty analog sound. After that I could only see some modular stuff trickle in.

Too much? For sure! Unnecessary? Probably. Fun? You betcha!


Is that a rhetorical question :sunglasses:


Get a RNC comp.

They are, in fact really nice


I’ve always been a bit envious for all this hardware on the one hand, but on the other - well, actually, you can do all this with a computer :smiley: (I know where I’m posting this, kill me now!)


Going to have some time soon-ish, and could use that for DIY. What are some neat Eurorack modules people have built / can recommend. SMT is (probably) fine.

@palmspalms :anger:


I actually just ordered one (a skulpt) last night along with a micro granny and several pedals. Sold the gaming laptop in favor of a small live hardware setup. I’ll let you know how the sculpt is once I have a play with it. So affordable it’s hard not to say no.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

The hype around old compressors and their reissues is 100% retarded. On one hand, you want transparency and precision. But for some reason, shit that distorts and colors signals BUT was used forever by big names is the object of desire.

This has to stop. Stop the pavlovian BS. “Warmth” and “richness” and the “analog sound” … it is all getting very cringey because it’s just so so sooooo dumb.


If it’s anything like the CraftSynth it’s going to be bomb!