The Hardware Megathread


I was really hoping for a similar thing but digital drum synthesis. 6 channels, 400 quid, knobs instead of encoders or dedicated knobs/layout… i spent a manic day designing this in my head whilst at work about 2 months ago

In my vision each channel had a switch that changed between 2 types. Each type had different fixed envelope characters and paramteres to sweep through with dedicated knobs


This isnt it. I wont be cancelling my volca drum order (i sort of wish something came along that would make me cancel it)


I feel like from the looks of the videos this will be more “hands on” and “instrument like” than the digitakt is.

The sensitivity of the pads is interesting and the Dataline video shows him using them in intersting ways, whereas the DT is a simple on/off these are pressure sensitive.




Actually i think theres a chance there will be another one of the same format released in the next few days


Kinda glad I have no interest in this offering. Agreed Id probably just go for the digitakt at that point @Automageddon


Early first impression…I don’t like it either. I was second guessing my recent digitone / digitakt purchase but not any more. We’re it an overbridge enabled mixer / effect box to unify the digi series, that would have been something. This, not so much I don’t think.


To speak to that, I still think they need to make a dedicated, sequenced FX box…


Denon just clapped back at Pioneer…with this Pioneer just released something similar not too many months back. I mean, Pioneer is probably in no danger of its CDJs loosing their place at the top, but these standalone DJ setups are pretty kick ass. Laptopless DJ systems might be the way forward.


Wouldn’t surprise me, info in the next few days, soon. It is a great way to introduce people to the Electron ecosystem


Since they’re so comfortable with everything also being an audio interface, make it something like a 6 or 8 input audio interface with sequence-able FX, and like 4 outputs (main monitors plus an extra send channel?). Overbridge so you don’t have to use the physical ins and outs to use it as a send in your DAW. Then, with 6 inputs, you can have an effect return and two stereo units plugged in. Hm, two stereo units, I wonder if Elektron makes anything reasonably priced that would fit that bill…

EDIT: And what a time to do something like this now, the industry clearly has the technical capability


Zero interest whatsoever.

This is as uninteresting to me, as an OT owner and FM8 user, as anything they have released since the Rytm.


From the Akai Mpc product manager:

It should come in 2ish days, so 2.4 on 24th!


Thought this was kind of cool and now I want one. Surprisingly versatile.


Absolutely agree!


Oh, well, yawn. Finally?!

Synthstorm Deluge, Amal The Force… what are you gonna do??


Lackluster, for sure. Touchscreen, Velo sensitive pads, internal battery, and expandable storage… catch up, guys!


I’d like a $200 vocoder, Korg. The modular is shit, but I’d buy a proper vocoder for the price.


As I look at what’s out there and what I’d make room for, it’s becoming clearer that it’d have to be a Moog One. Nothing quite sounds like a Moog and this is the “box” of boxes.



Get a MicroKorg.