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hmmm… my cats L O V E boxes!


Getting there.


I just saw a post on elktronauts. Somebody linked to a patent site that had model:beats, model:groove, digistrike and one or two other things i cant remember

When i went back to the page the post had been wiped immediately. Normally it says post withdrawn but it was just gone

You saw it here first

Edit: they just posted it again lol


Ok im brand new to the gear speculation before NAMM tradition. I may have gotten a bit excited because the post got deleted and after some thought i now think that theres nothing really in it.

Dpes anybody have a DFAM btw?


I do and I think it’s pretty awesome. As long as you understand that it’s not really a traditional drum machine and you have a pretty good idea of why you want it and what you can get out of it, then there’s really nothing else quite like it. But I see plenty of people being disappointed with theirs and viewing it as an expensive one trick pony (industrial techno…and it’s certainly very good at this particular trick). So it seems to be a pretty polarizing box.


I preordered a volca drum because i want a percussive synthesiser to make all manner of noises. The volca has a massive scope for different sounds but to me it actually doesnt sound very good. The DFAM sounds absolutely beaut and has some weight to it too it seems. Im going to cancel the volca preorder and get one once ive moved a few things around. Im interested to see if you think it has a massive scope in terms of different types of sounds or just quite a lot of scope

I hope ‘scope’ means what i think it means or that isnt gonna make a whole lot of sense


Yep Ive got one, really fun bit of kit.


Well, if by ‘scope’ you really mean ‘variety’, then I’d say no. It excels at percussive textures, rhythmic bleeps-bloops, and harsh industrial techno-in-a-box type thing. You can get a wide variety of those things and it’s pretty much impossible to make a bad sound within those contexts. But you’ll have a hard time making a simple kick-snare-hat pattern. If I remember correctly, you lean more towards old-school hip-hop/wonky beats type things. So this wouldn’t be an obvious choice for that. But maybe that’s exactly why it might be cool for you and it can bring a different element to that kind of music that nobody is using. Just be ready to layer and sample/resample a lot or record long fuck around sessions and cut out the best bits type workflow. And of course it gets a whole lot more interesting if you have other semi/modular gear to interface with it. But if you don’t and don’t really plan on going out there experimental with it, then you’ll probably be disappointed and should look somewhere else. I mean, in a way, it IS kind of too expensive for what it offers. But if the things it offers is exactly what you want, then it really is not, all things considered (all analog, 3 osc, 2 envelopes, dual filter, sequencer, patch panel… and very different from anything else out there).

I think this is the best video on it that talks about strength and weaknesses and shows different things you can do with it:


An amazing answer, thank you :slight_smile:


New Arturia synth.


Arturia are such a weird company lol

Definitely they are masters of the shit video


What seems like a dick move is that they essentially took Mutable Instruments Plaits code and then added stuff about “Partners at Mutable Instruments” and “Collaborations with Mutable Instruments” to the marketing materials. Here’s what pichenettes had to say about it on the Reddit thread:

Even beyond taking someone else’s code - even open source - and porting it without much modifications just being fairly lazy and not something I’d expect from a synth manufacturer of Arturia’s size, claiming that a collaboration has been made seems like a dick move.


Oh, wow. That is really shitty of them.


“However, I feel uneasy when people got excited, seeing it described as a collaboration between Mutable Instruments and Arturia, because none of the technical and design choices involved in this product originate from me. I have been quite disconcerted by the private messages congratulating me for this release and achievement. I know some people have been waiting for a Mutable Instruments keyboard synth, or at least non-modular product, for a while. Well, this is not it. That’s what I wanted to say to the world. I don’t want people to associate any negative experience they could have with this product with Mutable Instruments. I don’t want people to think that I endorsed or at least authorized some aesthetic decisions regarding this product or the communication surrounding it.

With its focus on local production, open-source, deliberate lack of marketing and advertising, Mutable Instruments is an unusual company. It’s stimulating and fun, but somewhat dangerous too. Turning Arturia into an enemy – those talks of boycotts and those tweets demanding justice – is only adding fuel to the fire and increasing the risks of getting me attacked in ways I don’t expect and I am not protected against.

If you care about me, move on! I need a lot of strength and energy at the moment, and it should all be focused on finishing new products.

So please let Arturia enjoy their release party, it’s hard work to ship a product. Buy their product if you think you’ll have fun and make good music with it, don’t buy otherwise. Buy Mutable Instruments products (or the Softube clones) if you want to fund me, or build your own and give the money to charities.”


So Arturia is the Magix of hardware? I guess there has to be one!


Wait wait wait…Arturia does it once and dethrones Behringer??? Lmao


Émilies reaction seems fair balanced and unbothered so Im happy to say if its a decent product then there is no real issue and Émilie would actually NOT like any drama.


It does seem like a very interesting synth though…


Going to pick up a pair of Genelec 8010’s (the 3" driver ones)today that I ordered for a mobile mixing rig, they’ll travel w me in a 1510 pelican case.

I’ll post a pic when I get the foam cut for the case.

Backstory - im in the middle of 2 client production/mixing projects and I was hired to tour Australia and New Zealand for the next 6 weeks and cant back burner paid projects due to other work coming up.

Many a hotel room mix session coming SOON.