The Hardware Megathread


Mobile rig success!

Very impressed w these monitors. Detail for days.


sexy af, man


Nice, man I need a foamy case to put my gear in…I’ve got this shitty RIDGID tool box thing with my mics and cables in it. I was just telling the vocalist of my project how you like MOTU


I’m not even sure I like MOTU anymore, I just have 4 of their interfaces and they’re all still working for me! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Not having to think about something and just having it work goes a long way! (:


And at the end of Namm, Behringer dropped a new original synth, not a clone, the Crave.

$150 for a semi modular analog with sequencer…


pro one/prophet 5 osc… i’ll likely scoop one of these up.


Thays pretty fucking crazy for that price. Im now waiting for them to drop an analog + digital groovebox.


And up to 16 poli-chain…


That’s a lot of realistate though…


When I think about poly-chaining synths I always think of this:


^brilliant lmao


I have fl studio, and I never bought a synth anymore. I’m looking for something similar to a JUNO 106 just so I can sound like daft punk, any suggestions?


I seen the Roland Botique as a good option, it allows me to get a Juno 106- Roland 303, 808 all together for liek $1200

always well i always wanted a SH-101 but that $1300 is tooo much,


If you like all the Roland stuff, consider the System-8. Comes with all their big poly plugouts (which are the boutiques with more polyphony), lets you mix and match patches from each instrument, and can run all the other plugouts they’ve done, though you have to either buy them or subscribe to the roland cloud to get the others like the 101 or the 303, and IDK if doing the drum synths would be fun on a keyboard. Still, could be much tidier to have it all in one keyboard rather than like 5 little synths with all the cables running between them. They go for around $1200 used and could come with some of the other plugouts you want if you get it from the right person.

You also have the behringer deepmind, which I think is loosely based on one of the Junos, but with some tweaks. Really can’t get a much better deal on any polysynth right now, new or used. You should be able to score even a 12-voice with keyboard for around $800, and you can get cheaper models if you need fewer voices or no keyboard.

FWIW, when I think of Daft Punk, I don’t think of any particular synthesizer, I think of a couple of dudes who really know what they want to do and know how to do it. And they know enough about what they have to select the right tool and make it happen nicely, whether that be a sampler, drum machine, synth, or software. They do solid, clean mixes (some of the best in the game, and probably my favorite part about them, Random Access Memories is one of the most technically amazing albums of this decade, and most of that was recorded live). But seriously, I’ve seen DP sounds done on Minimoogs, MS-20s, Prophets, 303s, 101s, 808s, 909s, modular walls, and some of their best stuff is just straight up samples. So not sure choosing a synth to try and sound like them will go so hot as choosing a synth that inspires you. That said, if the Juno is that synth, then you have my recommendations already.


Crazy talk. There are a bunch for $500 around right now and you can score one even cheaper if you wait for Ebay or Reverb sales.

@Djcheesehead Definitely one of these is going to be your best bet for what you are looking for.


Imma wait for this guy gets release. Best bang for my buck when it cost $300


Have you tried the pay version of the TAL Juno 106 software? Their free chorus is lush AF.


I use it for most of my songs, that’s why I was considering getting the hardware. The actual synth sounds soo much better.


Right on : )



That might not even be that expensive from TC Electronics. Their HoF reverb and several of their delays sound pretty damn good for the $$$