The Hardware Megathread


Model:Cycles arrived at work yesterday had a good laugh making quick industrial beats and jamming guitar to it in my dirty living room last night :slight_smile:


I still have this for some reason on my browser =D


I’ve owned two Machinedrums. Now that I’m making more techno-ish stuff I’m really missing it. Nice grab.


Aaand done. What a fun synth.


It’s odd how using the Akai Force is making me wonder why don’t I just use Ableton Live with a decent controller and some gear?
I think I might just go back to Live or FL Studio and see what I miss.
Not like I played live much in the past decade so I shouldn’t worry too much…


At the risk of getting egged, that’s where I ended up - Live + outboard gear + awesome controllers. To be honest, I just can’t give up the screen real estate of a couple monitors these days. Old eyes and all that.

At the same time, I don’t think I’d be as productive or interested without solid controllers and interesting outboard hardware. I’ll never get over turning a knob and getting that ‘brrrrrrrrrrvrooooooommmmmmsmcRHREEEEEEEEEEEWAAAAAAAAAA’ coming at me. Visceral, real time sound fuckery ftw.


Yeah man. If the “cool factor” of a DAW-less setup is what you’re after MPC live or Force is great but…

Yeah, what you said. I’ve been on the road and sort of blueprinting a hybrid approach between my MPC2500 and Live. When I get home I’ll explore some possibilities. I just don’t see myself buying outboard that can compete w some of my plugins.


Doesn’t the force control Ableton? How good of a controller would that be?


I would need to upgrade to Ableton 10 to find out…


Ah, yeah I’m a couple versions behind as well


I think it would be worth it. You can go wrong with sessions on your outboard gear and laying it into a project or around other stuffs.


I’m thinking some along the lines of Digitakt + IPad or another hw synth.
I still want to have a sampler I can play with away from my desk even though Ableton’s Simpler is pretty much great already.
If only I could sample directly into it


I don’t have ableton yet, but it’s an interesting prospect because the Force can supposedly be running it’s own project and control ableton at the same time. With arranger mode coming, can you arrange the launching of an entire live set in the force’s arranger? That crossfader is a fun thing that feels totally under-used - though I could set it up right now such that I have an external audio track on one side and all the force’s internal audio on the other, and have some fun flipping between two different mixes of the same project maybe? Of course, I can’t ever, in a live situation, be forced to load another project because that would stop all audio during the load AFAIK.


Been thinking about that with Bitwig. One option is to use a looper to capture the end of a track and then load up the next one. Or make a super project with all your stems in the clip launcher.Then you can mix and fade etc like a boss. Seems the closest idea itb to the Force to me.


I think this was an Octatrack transition trick to go from one track to another.
The Live and Force have a shit ton of ways of working in common but the Force is let down by not having disc streaming, that sorted and you could have live sets for days.
The arrangement is really cool, apart from a few shortcomings which are normal on a new feuture, maybe…

As for my conundrum, I’ll try finishing a few tracks in Live. Then see how different it was from the Force.
I might ignore the Live integration and just use Live via Midi as an external synth, launched by the Force clips, best of both worlds I guess…


My PA subwoofer is supposed to ship in the next couple days. I’ll give the hardware crew first dibs, what tunes should I play first?

I have that “808” LP that came with the documentary that came out some years back. All the jungle/DnB classics and 90’s hip hop. Anything thoughts?


Also, in a DJ setup, is the Boss RC 202, probably my best bet for a looper? I’d really just like another CDJ, but I’d also have to upgrade my mixer. Even the RC 202 is maybe a little more than I should spend haha, but curious if anyone had any thoughts.


Scary Monsters Nice Sprites.

Oh no wait Bassnectar.

NO NO - Subfocus.

  • The Glitch Mob.

OK that’s all the bass music I know, am I clearly out of touch yet?


Oh I will defo play some Subfocus : ) Good call.


@relic I bet John Hopkins - Immunity would sound ace through that sub.