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Can you NOT post this shit while I’m quite tipsy?


So…I gave in and grabbed a Volca FM rather then saving for a rebuilt Preenfm2. What can I say, it was $80 used local pickup. Had to cancel my wife’s order of a TD-3 because she went through guitar center and they where still dicking around with back order push back ship dates when every other distributor has them in stock. So, I should have my acid machine in about a week and just learned that an old friend is going to give me an old Roland PM-5 for free. I will have to see if it is possible to transfer 8 channels of midi from my DAW to the PMA-5 and used it as an on the go portable 8 channel sequencer.


Yeah I bought one on relaease date shouel be arriving this week, just got paid and at £299 that my monthly impulse buy done…


Seriously, it was a long con, but after all these years, Hector finally got me…



Still cool sounding and relevant today!


I’m trying to decide between

  • Arturia MicroFreak
  • 42 HP of sound generation modular to fill the rack I have

Both would be a good idea and work well with the Akai Force, but my wallets leaning towards the MicroFreak, also because of the included Plaits oscillator…

Anyone has suggestion for 42 hp?


Have you got a basimilas iteritas alter yet? I suspect you might like one.


I don’t know eurorack well enough to recommend anything specific. I think dreadbox have some new cheap modules out that are pretty cool? And behringer I think cloned the whole roland system 500 and most of the old moog modules too just recently, and I think every module is like $50-$100. IDK how much carnage you could get into with that stuff though.

I do have a microfreak and it’s pretty fun (only bummer is the mono out as run through my interface comes out of just the left ear of my headphones, which is weird). The thing is a blast to play for me, I love the PCB keybed. The oscillators do give you a lot to work with, especially if you’re willing to share a filter and amp on one envelope, then you really have two lfos, one with shape that can be modulated/non-standard shapes, to send into your oscillator modifications. And you have the FM modes and such that don’t really need a filter, except you have that bandpass mode you can play with on those modes…

Also, just set a sequence off and tap randomly on the pitch bend strip, much fun to be had that way.


I don’t have anything, only 42 hp with power in a cardboard case from when I failed to build a mini Erebus kit


The classic BIA demo :slight_smile:

And a more IDMish/Industrial demo


That would be a nice kit and with a few envelopes and an output I could be ready. But it would be in the £500 range plus the usual risk of Eurorack sinkhole.
Unfortunately I’ve been listening to the model cycles and boy does it sound nice?


I second the BIA or anything from Noise Engineering. Both the BIA and the Manis Iteratas would indeed be right up your alley. In that video I put up the oscillators used are those specifically. If I had to recommend only 1 it would be the BIA. The cool thing about those modules is they have envelopes and filters onboard so they’re complete voices. No need to have to buy envelopes or filters to accompany them. They’re also small, which is a plus.


Had an hour on Cycles last night, sync’ed perfectly with Ableton, sounds great, the 6 pads are crap had to set it to full velocity in the menu but for £284 i’m not complaining.


Both are good things to know…


And I think I would need an output so I can sample it, any suggestion?


I have been watching vids on that thing all day at work. Leaning towards the samples though now…I am embarrassed to admit I thought you could not load samples into it…i misunderstood the bit about no sampling…anywho, the two devices really look epic, and I can sequence other gear like my Meeblip Triode or microgranny for added layers. my wife would legit kill me if I bought one right now though, just got the preen in the mail today. :smiley:


Yes you would. Easiest option probably make noise Rosie. Relatively cheap, 2 mixable inputs, 1 send, headphone out. I quickly outgrew that module though so if you think that’s a possibility for you, you could also look into a small euro mixer.


you can get the model samples for a good price at the moment

Wonder when elektron are going to release the power handle, hope its not a stupid price as id be interested in getting one of those.


I heard about that today, sounds neat. One could probably get by rather well with a powerbank though, as I expect the battery pack will connect via USB anyway.


actually if you remove the rubber plugs from the sides, one side reveals another power jack which is where the handle plugs into, the other side has a hole with a thread