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There was a potential leak by Red Means Recording of ah, YouTube fame lol, and he was claiming he had a review unit. According to him it’s a new box. I really don’t see them running the hype train like they are for an update or new features for an already existing product.

My best guess is it’s an addition to their Model line. To me this possibly makes sense due to the recent price reduction of the sample. Get people in on the line before releasing a new product to hook them for a later purchase.

The supposed leak has since been removed from reddit which could indicate validity. It was up for only a few hours yesterday morning.


Elektron are just doing 10 strips of LSD is what I got from the video lmao


I clicked your Preen link and got rather tempted looks a fun straight forward build, didn’t realise they do a eurorack version so i’m off to do my homework on it…


I looked at that but the plugs are right under the knobs…as I don’t have any other eurorack gear I figured the basic version would be easier to fiddle with. Not a problem for you though I wager. :slight_smile:


A single voice of the A4 in the Digi or Sample format and I might pre-order it.


This came out of nowhere for me. I’ve heard good things about striechfet (or however you spell their string machine), but a $1,000 version of that with an extra synth layer and a vocoder? IDK, I guess cool for the people that want striechfet and like to layer it with another synth (reasonable enough I suppose) and could also use a vocoder in that same space, all sharing effects (wut?).


heh, it pays to live in Germany when it comes to Waldorf stuff. That thing is 749 Euros for me.

I have seen a bunch of Blofelds also on the used market…as it seems to be a solid forum favorite I have been considering picking one up down the road. about 400€ is all I needs.


6 track FM groove box

No wonder the thread on Elektronauts is now blown up to over 2k posts. Haven’t read it there yet but someone also posted about it on Instagram.
Googling Model Cycles reveals a wealth of info now.

I’m beginning to wonder now if these “leaks” are all apart of Elektron’s marketing plan. As long as I’ve been following their releases it seems like the last several have been leaked beforehand, going back to analog heat. Either that or it’s just impossible to keep things under wraps here in the internet age.



…while I like the idea of FM coming back in the form in the Volca Fm/Reface DX/Opsix/Digitone etc, I personally am not interested in this.


They struck a really good balance with the Sample as far as the parameter’s they chose. I’m interested but I will reserve my opinion until we have the final, official version. I need to know what the limitations are to feel out of they struck that balance again.

I also absolutely think, as you suggested, the recent Samples price drop was to get more people potentially invested in Cycles.


This almost sold me one…



This is a weird video, for my taste it goes from ‘generic, super clean and boring’ to 'now that’s more like it…"


I only watched about half of it. I just think he’s a genius with the way he plays these boxes. I it’s an interesting machine but it would take the average user more time and practice than they would ever have to get to that level.


didn’t think id be wanting a Model cycles but i do,

Don’t know why a lot of reviewers dodge show casing reverb, at least Loopop let me hear the lovely long reverb,

like how you can choose any machine for any track, like 6 chord machines etc if i wanted.

Don’t like the TRS midi lark but least they cover type A & type B standards.

The Elektron online shop sold out a few hours ago.


Here’s their at a glance vid.

Edit - it definitely looks interesting.


That $200-$350 range for synths has gotten really cool the past few years. A lot of fun can be had in that range without ever needing to go for anything more expensive, as I’m sure being able to get an Elektron box in that range shows. Not my bag, but impressive on Elektron’s part.


Hrm…I kinda thought it might end up being a “pre set” machine. And the machines are mostly percussion based. I was hoping for something a bit more synth-y as six tracks on the Model:Samples has me well covered for percussion. This time, for me, I think it might be wiser to give the Digitone a try. Not entirely sure, I need more demos showing me how all I can twist the machines.


I was thinking the same thing. I saw the Cycles and thought “Elektron 6 track sequencer for 300? And it also has some cool FM shit? nice” and then I was like…well. the Digitone is a bit bigger, plus it has Midi through, and full sized connectors, and more FM modulation goodness…and that sweet screen…but it costs over twice as much…maybe first one, and then the other? What this immediately reminded me of was the Yamaha DX200…which I have found interesting for years…but pretty damned expensive for what it is.


Andertons UK have cycles in stock and i had a couple of loyalty points so grabbed one for £284, arriving Monday, that bloody… just that wife thing again :unamused: