The Hardware Megathread


this is very good content, i didn’t watch this vid but i checked some of the skinny puppy mixes out, and the compression one. very good shit


So I have been learning my minilogue xdm without a computer.
I do like the bag of tricks it contains.with some creative menu diving,it has some unique hidden gems.any how next month I was thinking of adding a beat step pro,however can I use it to run things in live,and the korg?or would it be a waste of money?
New comp coming soon.


I believe you could have a VST in live set to take MIDI from the beatstep yes. Don’t know live so I couldn’t tell you how, but I’m sure it’s doable.


Yes. You just pick the Beatstep Pro as the MIDI input for the track your plugin instrument is on from a dropdown menu, assuming it’s plugged in to a USB port on the computer. I did this with my Squarp Pyramid a lot.


Thank! I will do some research.i have gotten a real planning ahead.
Real quick,it’s my understanding that I can control hardware and maybe daw at the same time?
So thanks for the replies.saw a couple used machine maschinemk3 s for cheap at guitar center.
Thinking hard on that.but don’t want to get too far ahead.


At a Guitar Center? Wow. The two guitar centers closest to me only have like 5 boring synths, a bunch of midi keyboards, some digital pianos and software and that’s about it.


why not an Mpc, software and Standalone and if you fake the accent you can pretend to be me…


With Beatstep pro, you have four sequencers. So yeah, you could send one of those sequences to the XD and any others into Ableton. You just have to set them up on separate midi channels and then set the receiving hardware/software to listen on the channel of the sequence you want them to play.


3 iirc, 2 melodic and a drum sequencer.
And yeah it should be real easy to set a drum rack in Ableton to respond to the drum track of the beatstep pro.
One thing worth double checking is if the melodic sequencers ar polyphonic.


Guitar Center isn’t great for most people making electronic music. These days I only go there for the odd emergency cable I need now and again.


Its reasons like this I miss Radio Shack. The amount of gold headphone adapters I got from there was astounding. They also had lots of weird RCA type shit.


I realize this, it just sucks since where I live, there’s literally no place within 50-100 miles to walk into a store and buy a new synth. Yes, online is the best option but I like to actually play the synth before buying it :stuck_out_tongue:


I basically refuse to buy a synth, drum machine, or what have you online unless it’s something I’ve previously owned or used to sell back in the day. I have to be able to dink around with it in person.


I thought of an mpc,I just know nothing about them.
I did think of elektron,but thought I might start speaking in an Italian accent,and craving my neighbors liver with a nice chianti. Meh who knows.


for a minute I read this is “I have to be able to drink around with it in person” and I thought that was standard protocol for all hardware.



Elektron be like…


I love Beyerdynamic


This is just great, my MIDI keyboard is broke and now I don’t know what to do with it. The power port snapped so soldered a new one and now it won’t turn on. Should I throw it away?


Rumours are that this is somehow related to an Octatrack update or to new ‘machines’ for an existing box rather than a new thing.


Depends on how handy you’re feeling. If it were me, I’d break out the multimeter and see if the power is getting anywhere. It’d be pretty hard to do a deep troubleshoot without either a schematic or knowledge of how those things work, but you should be able to see if the power is getting to whatever the next component is (likely a resistor right by the port). At that point you’d know if there’s something else blown or if you just botched the solder job.